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Need advice from men - Is he interested??


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I recently met a guy at a work function, sitting at the same table etc.

After the formalities were over and we were free to have a drink and mingle, he approached myself and the lady I was with, and joined in our conversation.


We ended up talking alone for 30-40 mins, and had several things in common. He was so easy to talk to, and there were "interested signs" from him like teasing, direct eye contact, laughing, and questions.


I thought well, if nothing else, I would love to have him as a friend, as I found him quite fascinating. A few days later I sent him an email with a short message saying I enjoyed our talk. I hoped he would take advantage of me contacting him, and suggest meeting up, but he replied with only a "nice to hear from you".

So, I feel a bit confused - would a guy spend that time talking to a woman he was not interested in?

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He was interested in flirting with you/talking to you at the time - and since you were attracted to him you may have exxagerated his actions in your mind. If a man is interested in dating you, he will ask you out on a date he plans in advance, with few exceptions. Flirting is harmless fun, he didn't say he would call you, etc., right? Or, he may have been considering asking you out but changed his mind when he got home or met someone else the next day. Many possible reasons.


Also he may have not been into you enough to ask you out on a date, so when you sent the obvious read between the lines e-mail he figured staying in touch as friends might not be a good idea/might lead you on a bit.


Don't take it personally!


ps - a few years ago I spoke with a guy for about 30 minutes at a function - made sure to work in "boyfriend" into the conversation at the appropriate time, turned out he didn't hear me and asked me out a few weeks later. It's easy to miss a "we" reference or "girlfriend" etc so that may have happened as well.

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