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broke NC, what now?

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Breaking NC is a big mistake but at some point you're tempted to do it and you do it. I broke it and it of course did what I predicted, which was set me back somewhat. Its basically a way of him reestablishing his power over you and how he has chosen what he has chosen. You can always cognitively understand these things, but it still hurts.

Really sucks when you've been hanging out with idiots, to.

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i am kind of new here. After 19 1/2 yrs she tossed me, we have two kids and have to interact on thier part, other than that we dont talk. If that is N/C it works a little for me. I haven't spoken to her about us in a few weeks, I moved out of Zombie mode and can function in society again. I said all that to say this. If N/C is the only way to get over the other person then for your hearts sake that is what you have to do. I do well when I am busy, when its quite my heart and mind argue.


How long have you been broken up ? How long were you together ?

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7 weeks for me now, we were together for 7 years.


Has been 5 days since I contacted her last. Won't be contacting her ever again if I can help it.


Have managed to move on to some extent. Despite her still being single and admitting I had changed, she has not changed and will remain stubborn and spiteful for the rest of her life.

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