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Have you ever had such a crush on somebody that

scared and alone

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im sure everyone has had in some form. it usually doesnt work out too well because the attraction is too strong on your part and you wont be able to be your self around her. chances are you will fail. i suggest you let it go. either that or find things about that person that you dislike and that will level the playing field in your mind.

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Haha, when I was a kid, there was this girl I went to grade school with that I was totally in love with for about six or seven years. I was so shy about it, though, that I tended to avoid her, and come off as "shy". Although, it's interesting to note, I've recently come back in touch with her, and if I play my cards right (I'm not like I was in grade school anymore), her and I just might get together.

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Actually yes! I had a lover, whom I just thought was so so attractive, I was about tongue-tied when I first met him.


Luckily he also found me attractive and we ended dating for 2 and a half years!


We actually had alot in common, but that first initial meeting.. oh.. talk about butterflies.. so it can be sucessful....


It's just nerves.. it means you are really really crazy about the guy. Why is that such a bad thing??? Hmmmm?

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For some reason i was just thinking about my highschool crush in the car. It was 1987, Bananarama and the song "Venus" at the highschool dance, and he danced with this other chick instead of me. I can still remember the pain!!


Oh and we had one of the classrooms set up as a drink/ snack area, and we were rostered on. When it was my turn and he came in to buy a drink, I could barely breathe and nearly had to run out of the room.


Fastforward 20 years later, March 2008, i go back to my hometown and its the worst day ever for me- putting my parents house on the market (they died last year) and had just had this $hitfight with my sister. I go to the butchers for this kilo of beef or whatever, and there he is!!!!!!!!!!!!! He says "hello (insert my name here)" And he starts being very animated with the guy behind the counter. He used to show off in front of me at school like this. And all of a sudden. I was transported back to 1987, the same excitement............


And mannn ohhh mannnnn even hotter than he was in 1987....................

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