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i want to call him......:(

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I wouldnt call him. If he wants you, he will call you! ....and if he does, then great! It shows that he is thinking about you and missing you if he gets in touch. If you run after him, then you will never know for sure what he truly feels about you and if he makes the first move, then you will know he cares!

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does he know that,if he calls you,you will welcome it and you will be happy about this?

if you believe that he's like in your situation now(wondering if it's a good idea to call or not)it would be great to have a short call.


but if you think that he's careless about it,don't do this to yourself,it's not a good idea



i've seen a good quoto about this from a member of enotalone.

~"Contacting an ex when you are still needy, clingy and broken-hearted is like drinking poison because you are thirsty. You'll be satisfied immediately and then feel much worse later on"

i hope you'll feel good

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