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Do i say something??


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Im taking capoeira classes since a few months ago and there is this guy i like who is one of the teachers of the class. Yes he is a bit older than me but i like him alot and i seem to be thinking about him alot lately.

I told one of my friends who also does the sport and she is like go for it, but i dont know if i should tell him of my feelings for him or not?

we always go out for drinks after classes and we always end up sitting next to each other and talking. i dont know if he likes me or not. that way.

should i risk it and ask him?

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mmmmmm, capoeira guys are hot, aren't they?


it's hard to say, because he is your teacher, and his job is to be nice and friendly to you. i might be more inclined to give him an 'opening' if he wants - like mention in passing that you want to go to that festival this weekend, or are dying to see a movie, or try that new restaurant, and see if he asks if you want to go together. it's hard to tell if he is just being friendly or if he is interested. i wouldn't go so far as to tell him of your feelings.


you CAN though.... ask him for some 1-on-1 lessons for 'extra practice.'

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my friend might be moving in with him as she mentioned today that she was supposed to move into another place but something went wrong and he offered to let her rent out the other room thats spare. No theres nothing going on between them before you ask.

He also shares the place with another flat mate. Maybe i could get her drop hints for me...

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