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Twice I've gone to this club and some guys flirts/is friendly, but I find out he just wanted ride ho


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Gawd almighty, I'm telling you, I'm fed up with this place.


This has been the second time, I meet some guy in this club, he acts all friendly and flirty, and I find out later he just wanted a ride home, cuz his car didn't work or he was too drunk to drive home!


I wrote about this... 2 weeks ago, met someone from work, and they were like so so friendly to me.. Then they started to flirt heavily and suggested that I take them home to my place!

Well.. come to find out, they are too drunk to drive themselves home, so they are just goign to sweet talk me for an hour or so, in the premise that I will take them home!


Well, some friend that first guy from work has turned out to be! He keeps saying we'd ought to get together and play music. We both play instruments, but 2 weeks since he first saw me, he's not made one attempt to try to get together.


I've just decided this guy is a total flake, and he just wanted a way to get home, that was all!

I mean, he'll talk to me on the phone... but that is the extent of it.


I had known him for a few months before, awhile back.


Tonite, same thing, only different guy!


I meet this guy tonite in the same club.. sort of cute, younger.. he seems to like me right away... and even suggest we sit at a table by ourselves.


Okay.. it seems like a pleasant evening, then he starts asking if I came alone.. or how did I get there, if I had a car..

It was a bit weird, and I asked why he would ask such a question.

Oh, he said, my car broke down before I got here, and I had to walk here.


I would like it for you to drive me to my house...


I'm thinking.. Oh, baloney! For Pete's Sake.. do I have TAXI CAB DRIVER sprawled accross my fourhead.


Is the only way guys in this town will give me the time of day, is if, they just needed a way to get home, and think by being friendly/flirty I will give them a ride!


I mean, god's sake, is this typically how men act nowadays.. or wth..

i'm so fed up with this town. NO CUTE guys EVER talk to you in this flippign town. It's full of lesbians and bisexual chicks though, who always think it's ok to come on to you.... and that is really really offensive to me!


Well, I went to this club last nite, and it was not like this at all.. peopel were pretty mellow.. in fact one guy, kinda seemed interested in me, and people were pretty friendly.


Not tonite... i hate this club.. half the time you go in there and it's so cliquey, you are just miserable..

Then times you go there and nice people are there, it's just so weird:splat: you never know what the heck you are going to find there...


Well, this guy kept annoying me about driving him home, I just told him flat out, I'm NOT driving you home!

I mean, shoot, where is it written I must give everyone who smiles at me or talks to me, a lift home?>????a

One time, i went into this club, and came out and one of my tires was completely flat.. and no one offered to give me a ride home!

Shoot, I had to walk like 10 blocks to the ATM at 1 am in the morning ALL by MYSELF!

And then pay to take a cab home!!

So..... gosh.. i'm gettting leery to even be friendly to anyone in that club.. lest they all think I owe them a ride home just cuz they are paying me some attention.

How would you feel girls, if twice in 2 weeks, some guy was super friendly to you in a nightclub, but you found out later, he just needed a lift home???

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Nope, I'm not too friendly, these guys were the ones who were being oh, so friendly to me.


Little did I know, it was just a ruse to get themselves a ride home.


I know amure.. isn't that lame... I mean I know you are 16 years old and not old enough yet to go to clubs, but if you were, would you pull a stunt like that and just sweet-talk a girl, and ply her with drinks (they both offered to buy me a drink), just to get yourself a ride home??


And I don't either one of these guys that well! The first guy.. i only worked with him for a short time.. we never ever hung out after work or anything.


The other guy I did not know from adam. But typical of the illegal Mexicans wanting something for nothing.. (I don't think he was here legally really... he sure didn't seem like it... or seem like he'd been here that long).

I mean.. I think what I should have done was tell the club manager he was bothering me.... who knows he would of done anything.. but I was walking around the back side of the club.. just to get to get away from the guy last nite, and he comes up behind me.....

It was really starting to spook me.


And yes, I have thought of moving out of this decrepid town.

Darn.. you couldn't get the guys in this town to even smile at you half the town, never mind pay some attention to you... Getting laid in this town.. forget it... you might as well whistle dixie..

I just think there are too many gay people in this town for a str8 person to even find a date, let alone a decent guy around here.

I was outside the club and this one girl... said that she was too drunk to drive home.. she was either going to take a cab home or sleep between her friends' boobs.. then she said that "she loved boobs".

At that point, i just turned around, shook my head and went back inside.

I mean there are a bunch of freaks here in this town.... They have turned this place into looneytoons incorporated.


I am wondering too, whether it is even safe to go back to this club. First off, I found out my tire had a screw driver blade stuck in it, when I come out to my car at 1 am, about a month ago.

No one was willing to help me with that dilemma, that was for sure.. Even the bartender, a lady, seemed sort of annoyed that I had to ask for the phone book to call a cab with, since my tires were flat!!

Well, for one... i don't know how much good judgement this club owner actually uses.


For months there he had these huge lights up on heavy iron stands.. then one night, one drunk guy was dancing around, flailing his arms and ran into the stand. Thank GOD in heaven the stand did not go crashing down on the keyboard player on stage, or his nice vintage piano that was up on the stage.. If the stand had landed 20 degrees to the left, the keyboard player would of had a smashed skull and he'd be left with a lawsuit!

He is always letting dogs into the club.. which, at first scared me, in fact, last nite, I went to pet this one little dog there, cuz it was so cute, and the thing acted like it was going to snap at me.

The owner of the dog told me, that his dog did sometimes bite people!


Cripeys, if you have such a dog.. why on earth bring it into a public club!



This was the kicker.. then last nite, this girl comes into the club carrying some kind of animal.. at first I thought it was a cat...

Nope.. it turned out to be a BABY FOX! well, cute, but there are about 3 dogs in the place at the same time.. what is to say one of the dogs isn't going to try to go after the baby fox.. and he bites someone in desperation??


I don't where she got this baby fox.. it didn't even have a leash on it.. and she was letting it run wild in the street after she left the club...

But I do know one thing.. foxes can carry RABIES!


So.. if this club is so stupid to let people with baby foxes into his club... he lets people come in with giant hula hoops, and you always got to watch you won't be struck by one, when you are on the floor dancing.... it's just a flipping circus.

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I wouldn't go to a club looking for dates. club hoppers are not good long term mates. they like to party too much and I don't want a partier.


i never go anywhere looking. but if i meet someone i meet someone. good people go to clubs.


but at this one, i'm more worried about the wildlife than the nightlife.

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