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He kinda initiate contact.. Advice appreciated..

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Hey Peeps,


First of all i want to say that this site have helped me through a very difficult period of heartaches and tears. Its been 3 and a half weeks since my ex broke up with me right after a 3 weeks 'break'. After 3 days of crying and begging i came upon this site and decide to pull myself together. Anyway, all the great peeps here have helped me lots giving me advice and so on and i really want to thank them. If you want to know more you can read my previous post here.


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I followed the advice given and went for the no contact rule. I delete his number from my phone and his email as well and recently frim my site and even change a new email. Well a week after he dumped me he texted me good night but i didn't reply. He didn't contact me for a while until last saturday he texted me saying he;s going to dine out with two of our mutual friends and whether i want to go along. I replied ' whatever for?' meaning why should i go for the dinner. He then texted back saying its alright and that it had been cancelled.


And just a couple of days ago, i met up with this really old friend of mine from my old school and he seems to be interested in me as he keep trying to ask me out and keep wanting to talk to me and saying i'm pretty and all those stuff. We didn't really get a chance to talk cause i've been keeping mydelf busy and going out with my girlfriends most nights and he can only call me at night as he's serving the army now. We set a date when he'll be out of camp and i'm kinda going out on a date with him on new years day. He's quite nice and all and even want to pick me up from my place( which my ex have never did before). The thing is i'm not interested in him although it nice to get some attention from guys and i dun want to hurt his feelings or anything by leading him on and i still have strong feelings for my ex and this new guy is not really my type.


During this period not once did i initiate contact and only broke it with the reply. The question is


1) what does all these means Is my ex trying to tell me something?


2) Should i go out with the new guy, give him and myself a chance and would knowing that i gone out on a date with some other guy affect my ex in anyway?


3) Is the no contact working in this sense?


4)Is it good that he's initiating contact?


5) Did i do the right thing by not replying the first time and giving the short reply the second time?




6) Is he trying to trst me or something by asking me out to dinner?


I'm really confuse as to what he's trying to tell me. Part of me wants him back but the other part is afraid that if i do i'll be hurt again. Another thing is that i'll be seeing him this friday as its the first day of the new term. I don't know whether i'm ready to see him again so soon. Please give me your advice and answer. Should i still harbour any hope?


Thank you all ..

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honey sry to tell ya i dotn think hes try to tell u anything i think hes just well i dunno wantin to hang out with his old group of friends and they wante du to come give this guy ashot but tell him u arent really lookin for a relationshiip so he knows but go out and have a good time with him

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Isn't always when you break up or are on a break you seem to run into someone you kinda like but are hurting or confused at the time. I agree that you should tell this guy that your just going out to have fun and nothing serious right now. Don't tell him everything but let him know it's not the right time for you. Have some fun don't you desevre it. Happy New Year! PS. I would'nt think to much about what he's thinking you can't read his mind JUST TRY TO TELL YOURSELF IF IT IS REALLY LOVE HE WILL COME BACK IF NOT IT REALLY NEVER WAS.

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