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My advice for the younger guys who just don't have any luck with women.


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I'm just urging to all the young guys out there who have a hard time finding women to get a good career. That's all.


When they get a good career and a lot of money but still stay the same - still getting 0 girls - they will be very disappointed.

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Thats a terrible piece of advice.


A man should never have to rely on material things such as money to attract women. If women are not attracted to you now, what kind of women do you think will like you when you have a so called 'good career' and some money in the bank?


The problem with men is that we appease women. We have been educated from birth to believe that 'all' women are good people. The only evil in this world stems from men. This has created a society in which we respect women by default - and it's crazy. If you find women rejecting you because you don't have money or a good career, then you should think yourself lucky, because the last thing you will need is a gold digger.


The article you posted is an attempt to justify a woman's greed and modern shallow lifestyle. Instead of printing the obvious with a healthy dose of honesty, i.e 'women are shallow, they tend to rise more to a man with money', the article has projected this idea that a 'study' shows that women prefer money because they associate with happiness. What a load of dross.


And whoever claimed money brings happiness is an idiot.

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Yeah, it's stupid to choose a job because you want to attract women as your primary motivation, that should be down as a third or fourth motivation for it if any. That sounds so AFC. (the concept of gaining favour with a particular girl by appeasing, supplicating to her, or approval-seeking behaviour). When I read the book "The Game" a couple of years ago, people didn't even answer directly when asked what they did but came up with some creatively humorously answer. So, I think the idea of having a career or just flashing money as the above poster said just attracts gold-diggers or you only have a woman until your money runs out (and she'll make it run out faster) or you lose your job because she didn't like you for you, she's tolerating you because of what you have.


I think think the proper concept, from what I've heard, is that women are attracted to guys (and vice-versa) who have a passion for something in life and who are obviously happy pursuing that passion. Not all passions are expensive and need allot of money.

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