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Not sure if I did the right thing


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Ok, so I ended my relationship w. my b/f of a year and a half b/c he started treating me really really poorly for the past 3 months. I did this on June 30th & ended up getting a text message from him last night at 2am. Im thinking drunk texting?? Anyway he asks if I am OK and then goes on to tell me how much he misses our friendship & my support. Then it starts to say something else about me and is cut off as the length of the text is to long.


I will say this is a pretty typical pattern. He would ignore me for days then out of the blue I would get an "I love you" or something of that nature after I was sure he was gone for good & start the whole rollercoaster all over again. He did this once a month for the past three months till I shut it down & broke it off.


So I sent back a reply saying "your message cut off at the end, but I am going day by day and i will be fine. Its to bad it had to come to this but I cannot allow myself to be treated this way. But its your choice & im sure you have your reasons. I love you and wish nothing but the best for you and your daughter." Now of course, I am wondering if I should have just ignored the whole thing since it is obviously part of a pattern, but I also wanted to remain consistent with my resolve. So any input into this would be great, and once again thanks to everyone, you have been a great strength to me.

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