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Should I reply

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Yes he broke up with me because I was not happy. He was tired of seeing me unhappy all the time. He says he still loves me, hopes someday we can be back together, but isnt that what every dumper on here says.


We just could not communicate well. We both keep our feelings in. I would cry instead of talking and he would not talk instead of talking. Started with family problems. It is all kind of sad really. The truth is his parents ruined him a long time ago.. And they finally did him in...

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DN I did reply this morning. I did not say I missed him as I am mad and I am not going to let him see it. And the fact that we had plans tonight well let me tell you next time he asks I am busy...


I just said "Well I wish I was at the island that is one of my favorite places in the world" He knows that he is such an dumbie. Thanks for telling me you are at the place I always want to go.... Sometimes I wish he would just disappear.... Move far far away instead living 10 minutes from me...

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