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Wanna call himmmmmmmmm

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I’m having a huge urge to call him. This is so hard. Something REALLY huge happened at my work today, and I just wanna call my ex so he can listen and understand how big it is. Keeping myself from doing that is almost unbearable. I called a friend instead already, but it didn’t make me feel less of a desire to just pick up my phone and ask him to meet up with me. Not a good idea since I’ll probably get a no anyways, or smth rude like “I’m seeing HER tonight”. I talked to him on Sat and he said that “maybe he’ll see me this week”, but he hasn’t called so I’m trying to be strong but right now this is HARDDDD!!!

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Well i understand why you fell like that, although you can tell your friends everything, you tell your partner more in the sense that you will get a much important reply, as he or she will want whats best for you and can certainly help you.


But what happened though?

If its somethign like gossip or something happened to some one else then i would suggest dont talk to him about it.


But if its somethign important to do with your job, as in promotion for example.

Then i would be nice to tell him about it. If it will make you feel better.

Also it might give him happyness, because you still trust in him to tell him things.


This is from my experiance though, not myself but seeing my friends and their exes.

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My manager quit, and it kinda throws a lot of things in the unknown now, that might affect me directly as well. Like you'd have to know the situation to understand.


Also, me and my ex don't really talk. I got technically cheated on, and now he is with that person ("dating" apparently). He hasn't tried to call me, so I shouldn't either. But it's soo hard not to right now. It's really big!!!

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Well if he cheated on you, and is now together with a girl. Do you think telling him this will make you heppy? Will he comfot you? Help you make Decisions?


I know it may be tough to talk to him, but over come this fear and just do it, you dont have to talk again after you tell him do you?


But it does seem your still hanging on to him to.

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i know how you feel.



everytime i have a break up and something big happens. i think to myself omg i cant wait to tell him about it!! i think that when im in a relationship, cus he's the main person i talk to. so it's just habit that needs to be broken. no biggie.



but yea, type on here if you want. we'll be happy to listen and comfort youu. lol. but dont call him! it would look pathetic, ya know? he left you for another. hold on your dignity, don't call him for whatever reason!

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Yeah definitely not a good idea to call him, refrain yourself, especially if you haven't talked to him for a while. I had a bad experience relating to always talking to my ex, and all it did was mess things up, so yeah...


And also its gonna be kinda awkward if you think about it... haha...

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Yeah, I didn't call. But it was really hard. It kinda went away.

I think the thought of him telling me he's too busy hanging out with HER turned me off. Whatever his real answer would be, I'm just trying to save myself from any pain in addition to the one I'm feeling already. Makes me feel relieved I didn't call, but the urges come and go on and off almost every day, just not as strong.

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