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What is with women saying 'WE SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS' right before the big show?


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By the big show I mean sex. I have noticed that right before the first time I ever do it with any girl they always make this comment. No matter how long or short the time has been that we have dated they always say that and at the worst times to!


Obviously, I know they are having their doubts and they fear getting 'played', but I don't get why they say that. Anyone else experienced that as well?

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Its cos she wants you to still think she's a "good girl".


Its just another way of saying to you "i'm going to have sex with you but please dont think i'm loose - i dont do this for just anyone you know".



Yeah exactly...and then women wonder why men are confused and think that "no" means "yes"....because women put on this stupid game of being coy and saying "no, we really shouldn't" while at the same time shedding her clothes and giving the guy a blowjob!


I also find it interesting that whenever a woman has a one night stand, she has to tell the guy "I don't usually do this". Yeah right!...or after the hookup which they now regret it is "Well, I had too much too much to drink"...yeah right!

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I call this anti- * * * * defense, or ASD. The other commenters hit it on the head, though. She doesn't want to be thought of as * * * * ty, loose, whatever. It allows her to rationalize the experience if you bail on her. Basically she can say she didn't really want it but you pressured her into having sex.


The best way to combat ASD is to get her really turned on, to the point where she is begging you to have sex with her. What I do is arouse her (physically and mentally), pull back and chill, arouse again, pull back, repeat a couple of times until she's ready.


If you're coming off as a very high value male (ie a prize or hard to attain), the ASD pretty much disappears.


Be careful with all this, never abuse your partner, always use protection!

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