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Conversation Tips for the Day, and a New Study Group


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I am into self-improvement. It's a religion of mine. Right now, I want to become a better conversationalist.


I'm using two books: "How to Talk to Anyone" from Kazaa, which I downloaded from Kazaa, and "The Art of Mingling," from my local library.


I plan to work my way through these two books doing the following:


1. Read

2. Take notes

3. Practice


I'll give two examples of typical exercises:


1. Today, strike up a conversation with a person at a bus-stop. Extend the conversation as long as you can. Observe how banal topics lower suspicion and create trust.


(The obvious strategy is to discuss current events. Or, if the person is reading a book, then to ask whether the book is good.)


2. The next time you visit a coffeeshop, if you're the only person in line, start talking with the serveur. Try to extend the conversation as long as you can.


Study Group


Anyone interested should pm me. I'll email exercises and notes every week. I figure it is easier to stay the course when working in group. We can also share and discuss results.


So many guys and girls on this forum say they have difficulty meeting people. This is your chance to improve your life. Please join me, thereforeee, in this most valiant battle. A good battle is like bitter medicine - bitter to the taste, but health to the navel and moistening for the bone. You have nothing to lose but much to gain. But I think we'll have fun anyway.

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when you say study group are you talking about like.. motivation group thats a good idea. What your doing with the taking notes from books i''vee definitely had that experience iv tried taking notes from

books and doing what they say . However the order of your actions.

Read .

take notes.


from past experience using the same order as that. I found it a pretty hard order and found that I was court up in never wanting to make a mistake. So discouraged me to never actully getting into the stage of practice.

If I do pick up those conversation skills books

which I probably will do this summer

i would do your order of action in reverse. After iv taken the risk outside socially made mistake made note of them with my own opinion. Read up on my flaws and weakeness and then. Go out practice again.

Yeah... i would be intrested in joining.



give me info or drop your E-mail

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I have no fear or problem to start talking with strangers and it rarely happens that there are spaces of time where's nothing to say which could make feel uncomfortable

But it would be interesting to keep it really excited and to be better in replacing in other person and creative, to have interesting things to tell and to know much about a lot of things

If you think in this case joining the group still could be useful, I'ld like to

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