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I met this guy when i went to the beach outta town with my friends and gave him my number. He said he would call that weekend but didn't. Then a couple days later, I met him again at da mall in my hometown. weird hey?!

Anyways, he approached me at the mall and asked if i remembered him and asked me to go to dinner with him. When we went to dinner, we had a lot in common. I'd tell him something and he'd be like, "omg me too" .. lol it's an awsome connection.

Anywho, I am starting to get stronger feelings for him but i'm afraid. .. After we went to dinner, we went out drinking and we ended up kissing and holding hands and stuff... and he wants to hang out 2moro and go clubbing again and we'll probly do that stuff when we're drunk again.. but I want him to kiss me and hug me and stuff when i'm sober . It always happens with every guy. We meet, kiss and stuff when we're totally drunk, and then it's over. I don't want this one to end that way... I want to turn this into something more.

What do I do??????? help

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yeah id say try going for somewhere with no alcohol and making the first move on him... from the sounds of it he could be pretty shy, and relies on alcohol for those few first date nerves. I know I do that too, and alot of other people I know! The shyness could be why he didnt initially call you, but then when he ran into you he saw it as a second chance.

I'm sure he's not thinking like "Oh i NEED drink to kiss her", it's just probably to boost his confidence!

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