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Swimming in dreams.

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Hey ENA people!


Lately, I have been having weird dreams about rivers and swimming in them.


It's happened twice in a month...


My first dream was a while back. I was walking on this narrow white path (kind of like a bridge but shaped a bit like a diving board.) and I fell off. I lost my purse in the river while in the dream. I was freaking out and spazzing and then I just thought, "Are you going to sink or swim?" So, I swam all the way to this dock and people were there and they were cheering me on and this one woman was like, "You are our hero!" and then I entered this mall where I knew no one and didn't have a cell to call anyone.


My second dream was last night...


I was on this school bus with this girl from school and she was actually driving the bus. She turned where there was a river and we couldn't get to where we needed to be on ground...we had to go through the river. So, I was walking on the same thing I was walking on in the previous story and I fell off. I started to swim and I just swam and was like, "I got it." and then there was another girl in my dreams that I went to school with...she was my friend in ninth grade, she was slightly blind and she was like, "No matter what the water smells or taste like, just be thankful you didn't get attacked by an alligator. "


It was weird.


Does anyone know what these dreams could mean or has anyone else had water related dreams?

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Are you stressed about anything right now? Do you feel like you are floundering (no pun intended!) in any aspect of your life? Sometimes dreams are a reaction to stresses in our life. Years ago I was going through a very bad time and it felt like I was never going to come out the other side. One night I had a dream that I was standing on the subway platform when suddenly I fell over on to the tracks, but as I tumbled over the side, the pit with the tracks down below had filled with water, as I was sinking into the water I had this moment of peace that this was it, I was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I woke up feeling really disturbed. It was clearly a subconscious reaction to the stresses in my life making me feel like I had no control.

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In a way I do. Like, I've been really alone lately and that has gotten me down a bit. I start school again on Monday. And this upcoming one is a bit stupid but to me it's hard to deal with - This lady cut my curly hair into short layers (should notttt have done.) and I can't point a magic wand at it and make it grow back, because my confidence isnt as high. You know? So, I've been pretty stressed over that too. I overreact to things too so...

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