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i hate this its nearly 2 months and i am feeling horrendous today

i was on a friends page and BAM photos of his trip away... to another state

bought a jetski went surfing having a ball

i hate it he is from a wealthy background so carefree can do what he wants lives a life iwish i had

it makes me sad like he has the tools tohelp him have a good life

money - etc etc i know thats so materialisitc but its like he can buythings to fill gaps and voids but either way its making me feel like i never mattered

thre is even a photo of him covering his bits? totally nude

in a desert area? its just so odd

just having a whinge sorry guys

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Just stay strong it is so easy for us that are hurt to envision all the fun are exes are having and this is not healthy for us. You deserve someone better than someone that can buy happiness. I know what it is like to date someone wealthy. Such a fairy tale. You feel like not only did I find love but what luck and than you are gone and there life goes on....

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Ah, MySpace is the maker of misery when it comes to surfing for info on the ex!


You need to stop looking at his page and any of his friends' pages. It just upsets you and sets you back.


Why not put the effort you put into being upset about him into getting a good job and making your OWN money. Investigate school programs, or anything else you need to do to improve your life and get a better salary.


It doesn't pay to be envious of anyone else... just makes you feel bad and doesn't move you forward. Plus pictures only record the 'up' moments and are a skewed version of reality. Quit looking at his pictures and break your MySpace habit!

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Money cannot buy happiness, just covers up some cracks.


My Space, Bebo, etc are a nightmare for these kind of sitautions I know.


I new my exs passwords for ebay and her emails and used to check em, how obsessive is that !


When I saw shw was buying guys things on ebay, it ate me up, so I stopped doing it why hurt yourself.


Delete everything associated with him and rid yourself of it all, believe me it will really help, youre just setting yourself back every time.

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