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Anti social personalty disorder


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Keep seeing the psychiatrist. Personality disorders require a lot of help and focused attention because they're so ingrained in how you live day-to-day. They are not easy to overcome, and it's especially very, very hard to do on your own. Anti-social is a particularly difficult one. Let your psychiatrist guide you on what to do next.


You might check out Yahoo/Google groups to see if you can find an online community where others are dealing with the same sort of issues.


Good luck.

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My psychiatrist says I have anti social personalty disorder (not that same as being "antisocial" in the common sense of the word). So, what do I do now?


Depends on you. It's very difficult for any practitioner to distinguish the fine line between a legitimate psychiatric disorder versus an undesirable personality trait.


Are you fine with your life at the moment? Is there anything you feel you can't do because of your personality?

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