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Unemployment, no girlfriend, dwindling money...


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Some of you might already know my story, so I'll save the context. I did some prowling around on my unemployment "portal", and I discovered that nothing has been sent yet in the form of checks and whatnot.


I called the place, FINALLY got a hold of someone, and it turns out that I DID in fact do all of it wrong. NOW, I'm going to be waiting another 4 to 8 weeks for unemployment... This was AFTER talking to the same place where a man told me I did everything I needed to do correctly with filing everything.


Go fig - the system doesn't work.


Going through all this is making me want to slit my wrists or take a bunch of Tylenol PM. I hate my life right now. I can't seem to get my head above the water to keep pushing onward because I constantly feel like it's utter hopelessness in everything I do.


What makes it worse is that nobody that I ever talk to ever really seems to have any answers for me that would make me feel like there's still hope in all this. My grandmother is someone whom I always go to for any sort of advice or guidance. After talking to her today, it was crushing me that she would say things like "I just don't know what to tell you...". My dad is someone who is worthless when it comes to emotional support because he suffers from his own issues. Half the time I can't even have a simple conversation with him that isn't superficial and I haven't talked to my mother in almost 8 years due to her alcoholism / toxicity.


All of this is making me feel like a complete loser who is all by himself. I have a 4 year degree with some internship experience (3.5 yrs) and apparently, I can't even file for unemployment correctly. I have around 2k in the bank and my apartment costs 650 a month and my car is around 300 a month. I never spend beyond my means and I'm more than willing to do ANYTHING for a steady paycheck, but none of that matters because everyplace either siphons through a damn website anymore to get the best applicant or else every place requires some sort of license or a minimum of 4 years of professional experience. I've applied to places left and right, and it's as if nothing ever happens. I've now been unemployed for about 2 months and I personally doubt I'll even get any UI due to the fact that I was let go for performance reasons (I think they put this on the termination paper so that they wouldn't have to be responsible for anything). I always tried hard at the damn job. I always asked for help but it never seemed to get me anywhere...


I feel screwed over. I went to school, worked hard, always played by the rules and sacrificed so much and even accepted a job I had no experience with and the employers knew it before anything was signed because I told them in the interview. They just kept promising me that they would teach me on the job. When I knew this was a bust, I began looking for a new position in another department within the company. ...And look at the prize I got for it all. I was terminated. I can't believe it to this day. I went to school with some of the people that worked there, and I got fired instead of those whom I knew didn't know that much or were lazy or whatever... It's crap.


I've lost my fiance.

I've lost my job.

I have little friends and my family is losing faith in me I think.

I have almost no pride anymore in myself or anything else.

Everyday is a depressing countdown to either being sued by my landlord or else moving back in with my father...


Is anyone out there going through a similar experience? I'm not posting here to get any actual help because I already have a clear understanding of things I believe I need to do about all this (changing careers and going back to school), but knowing that I'm not the only one going through similar things would make me feel a little better about it all. I honestly hate America right now and the world. I don't care about who's doing what, who's served when or how many pints of blood were lost at whatever war; I hate it. I hate everything it's become in the corporate world, I hate everything it remains in the housing market and I hate everything is has been - greedy and calloused and very unforgiving. I would move away if I could afford it, but I can't. I would help others if I could, but I have to watch how much money I spend in gas now as well as do whatever my mind can come up with which might end in being productive for my situation.


I just feel horrible right now.

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Sounds like you've got 2 months worth of money in the bank. I say get a crap job that pays ok (pizza delivery, coffee shop, waiter, dishwasher, etc.) just so you get out of the house and have at least a little money coming in.


And in the meantime: JOB HUNT, JOB HUNT, JOB HUNT!

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I'm with you on the unemployment/no money issues. And my boyfriend lives accross the country. I completely sympathise with you.

I can't really offer you any good advice because, well, if I had the advice I wouldn't be in this situation.

Like NorthDallas said, just find SOMETHING, anything, to occupy your time. Even if it IS a crap job. SO many people have problems finding a job after they graduate. My good friend is in the same situation. We were having this conversation the other day. How is it that employers require you to have a degree, and yet, when you finally get one, they expect 100 years of experience? How are you expected to find a job without experience when EVERY job requires it?


It's a tough market these days.


I wish I had advice for you. Just offering my support and sympathies. I've been physically sick for the past month because of how much I've been stressing. Unlike you, I have NO savings.

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I can relate. Except, I don't even have a college degree. I'm sorry you have to go through all of this. Seems like nobody understands and/or appreciate anything you say/do. It sucks; I go through the same thing. In fact, because of that damn disease of falling for someone, I'm also stomach-sick on a regular basis now, and I don't feel like telling anyone this because I don't want them to pry into my personal life. I have a lot of the same problems trying to find jobs; I work a crappy minimum wage gig at a food court and have to move out of my mom's place very soon 'cause I'm tired of living with her and she's moving to a cow-town anyways. It's near impossible for me to find a job for a lot of reasons. I remember filling out applications left and right and then some... and doing whatever it takes in interviews... that got me nowhere. I feel like I just can't fit in this world. It sucks, but the only thing I can say... have hope. No matter what, no matter how depressed you are or how incorrigible things are, reserve a little piece of hope (even if it is tiny and unrealistic) as it might save you in the end.


But yeah, NorthDallas40 has a point... in the meantime, you should try to find something bottom-feeder to help pay your rent.

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