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Friends and my relationships

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Ok im not sure if this is the best place to post this but i need some advice.


My firends and i are extremly close we are more family than anything else. All of my friends are in long term relationships, i am basically the only single female.


This often causes conflict as (not to sound bigeheaded) all the males in our group have had a crush on me at some point, and everyone likes to get involved either pushing me towards or away from certain guys.


I have had extremly badluck in the past with men and i guess they want the best from me but often have a habit of ruining things.


The las guy i dated was part of the roup and i have hurt him badly as i dont like him as much as he likes me.


I have just started dating someone new after being single for a year. Im crazy about this guy but my friends are already making it difficult, asking for specifics on when he will be round (we all live together and have a open house policy), telling me off for moving quick - 2 dates in 2 weeks!!! and that this time they dont wanna get involved which oddly enough makes me feel just as bad!


why cant they just be excited and happy for me?

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My advice to you don't bring him around your friends. You know what they say about the best intensions... They do mean well but it also might be their curiosity about him. I would tell them about what's going on with your relationship, but I would try to be SELECTIVE about what I tell them for a time being at least.

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whats odd its often not anything to do with the guys, this guy does fit in, he is even party of the same extended crowd, they just dont seem to like me having a man. They are either completely in my face involved making me feel bad for every action or saying they want nothing to do with it, which in turn makes me feel like something is wrong.

I cant seem to win.

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