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don't mean to be on the negative side but....well actually i do mean negative, my opinion on true love is that there is no TRUE love.

I've experienced what some would call a modern day romeo and juliet relationship, everything was perfect, and at most times, still is, but i've noticed no matter how perfect a relationship is, a woman...alright i'll be fair...and a man, can easily be taken in by another person, so this so called "perfect" relationship or TRUE love turns out to be BS, why is it that love is so easily manipulated. I was once a believer in true love because i experienced it, but lately i'm starting to realize something, is it ever enough? the perfect amount of love, high source of physical attraction from both ends, as well as emotional satisfaction, it all sounds too good to be true does'nt it, it's not, because it is very real, but like i said, it does'nt seem to be enough.

what do you think about TRUE love, do you believe in it? what are you experiences and opinions about it?

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True Love real? Blah....


I have seen very few cases of "True Love", as in people staying happily married together til they die. I have to say I believe in what Marques De Sade(If that's how his name was spelt?, where the word SADISM came from) said "human beings, we sleep, we eat, we die, we have sex"(he used the f word here instead, moderators though...)


Don't know if it's word for word, but it's pretty accurate in my honest opinion.

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i find that true love is possible and does happen on a lot of occasions but sometimes people can be blindsided by it that they forget everything that showed them it was. it is very hard to realize when someone loves you when you haven't found peace in yourself(yes i know it sounds kinda corny) but if you can't be happy with yourself and learn that you can't always expect someone to be there for you, is when you can appriciate what you have. i mean i am in a relationship where my boyfriend doesn't think to much of himself but i still love him. i am there whenever i can be and i try to help him when he is down. but it depends on the other person in the relationship how they will react to this. im not saying that you can't depend on a person to be there for you but i am saying that sometimes people aren't going to know how to help you, you just have to trust that they are doing their best. i am in love and i believe true love with my b/f i am very happy with him. even when he is mad and yells or when we get in a fight i still love him no matter what cuz i love him for him.

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well there is such thing as true love and if its true then a man nore woman could be stole from eachother by another person and if they are the one stole was not indeed stole btu they cheated and left its nto true love then its not anything but a waste of time ull know when u have true love when ur sittin on ur porch with ur wife of 50 years thats true love because noone could interfeer with the love

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i believe that there could be such a thing as true love, but hell no i havent experianced it, the world would be too kind if thats happened to me. i mean yeah ive been in love. but like i was having i discussion one time, and a conclusion i came to is that, when you believe your in love, its only the pinicle reflection of what you define love to be at the moment, if that relationship ends some people can easily walk into another and the deffinition changes again.


true love, well that wouldnt work would it? BrandonBo is right, in what he says with true love, i give respect to people well couples like that.


your deffintions are completely different to mine and others, so how do we know that were all answering the same questions if one has more meaning or depth? still im viewing it like a coin, wait until it falls, and where my life ends.


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I believe in true love. I also believe that you cannot truly love someone if you do not love yourself. Also, we have to remember that people are not perfect...nothing is. Life is not perfect, nor is love. I think that there are reasons for everything. Each life experience is a lesson, and it is meant to serve a purpose to each person. Life is a series of events, good and bad.


I think that the topic starter here has been burned pretty badly. But the cheating probably happened for a reason. They were simply not meant to be, and their relationship was not meant to exist. Maybe they havn't found thier Soul Mate yet. Maybe they have to learn to love and lose before they can make honest committments. Maybe they need to experince life and find thier true selves before trying to committ to an uncertain relationship.


I think true love means acceptance. Acceptance of flaws, imperfections and appreciation for the little things. Being able to withstand the hard times together, and be an emotional rock for one another. I think true love will stand the test of time. I think true love is only found when we are ready - emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When we truly love ourselves and know who we are .. then we will be able to find true love. Maybe it's our first love, or our sixth .. either way - take each relationship (the good and bad) and appreciate it for the lessons you have learned about yourself and being in relationships with other people.


Life is a never ending journey. A rollercoaster filled with ups and downs .... embrace the inpredictability of it and you will never be disappointed or surprised.

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I think, i mean i KNOW there is true love, and it most of all depends on you and your partner... i would hope for it, if you dont believe in it... but try for once, believe and HERE 'TIS... i have found my true love, allthough at my age i should like they say "have fun" she is all my fun... yer...







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well i can't say much because i'm only 13 and i'v never hade a girlfriend but all i know is there's this girl in my school that i used to sit next to in french class we used to talk toeach other and every day she would take a pen and draw flours on my neck that was when i fell in love with her now i'm in the 8th grade and she's got a boyfriend but i know i'm truley in love with her but she never talks to me at all. But i know i will alway love her wether she does or not.


I don't know weather this will help or not or weather you'll take it seriously becaush i'm only 13 but TRUE LOVE DOES EXIST.

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I dont believe in true love. Plain and simpel. True love is a illusion of the mind. Made, just like most of the other things that are undefined in the world, to justify our actions and our existence. I agree with Agent Smith, the purpose of life is to die. I have not found any other purpose. I have a GF and were great and everything....but still I cant say shes my purpose.(Okay, I am not in love with her...and actualy like her very little, but I have been in love before and even then I thought is this it?) I know most of you guys(girls included) will say that "you havent been in love", but the things I have seen have made be doubt the purpose of man.

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Im not sure whether its fake or not and i cant give my opinion because its controversing, i know that love can be the best feeling in the world at a time yet it means nothing when the other person doesnt feel the same. The truth is people might like you for many reasons but theres always a reason for them to dislike you and not love you, things are never right.When you think they are they mess up.I do everything i can thats right,but nothing works so i cant believe in love, i just believe that deep inside myself im really messed up.I need stop thinking and find a way to end all emotions.Apathy is the way to be, but ill be here to help i jsut dont know if ill give it all i can.For friends that is...

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we all know what true love is, but we mire it in outside detail. ask yourself these questions:


have you ever fought with someone from your family you love?


did you love them anyway?


as much as you have fought with someone from your family, you still loved them anyway, right? so the same is true with a "romantic" love one, eventhough they are not of the same blood. after all, your parents aren't of the same blood. it called unconditional love. real love, true love is love even the worse parts of them as the best part, because if you don't, then you deny the worse part of you, which suggest to me you don't love yourself. loving yourself isn't about being selfish, it's about being compassionate to yourself with all your flaws. this allows you to be compassionate to others, because they're just like you, no different in capabilities.


and ultimately true love is an action not a feeling. you may not feel loving towards someone at any given moment, especially when you're mad at them, but because you love them, you get over it at some point. and if you can't get over it, you suffer.

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Sheyda....your right.....

I want to apologize to everyone for the last Message. I dont really mean what I wrote there. I was juft messed up at that point that I just snapped. (Personal problems)

To be honest I believe in true love and agree with Sheyda there are types of love and that the love is uncoditional is a big part of the "true love".

The problem is that many people just feel so strong for the other person they dont have any other word for the feel.

Another thing is that people then to speak to soon. They truly feel that someone is the true love one day, but the next day after leaving that person because of something, they say "No, that one wasent the right one."

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I feel that you think love is something outside of the people in the relationship when it really is a verb.


When you are in love, it means you are LOVING someone. If you truly are loving someone, that is true love. It has nothing to do with a mutual agreement between two individuals. Sometimes you will love your partner and they will not love you back. This is normal. What makes a relationship last is not love, but commitment to one another.


LOVE, HATE, PASSION, JEALOUSY, THESE are just a few of the feelings that are included in a relationship. They ALL will come and go like waves in the ocean.


The relationship is the ocean. The feelings are the waves.


If you truly love someone, you have found your true love.

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i definitely believe in true love.


a story of me, my girlfriend, and my friend.


here is a very brief summary. i came accross a very strange girl. one that was much much different than any i'd met and altered my life forever. she first confessed her love to me over e-mail. after the replying to her and completing first contact, strange things began to happen in my life. you may call it coincidence. you may call it divine intervention. i began to see parts of my future with her. my dreams seemed to be like my 6th sense telling me my future, specifically any important events that happened to my girlfriend. she had similar experiences too but instead of seeing herself she saw my future. we had the greatest time together. she was the perfect girl for me. she loved everything about me, and she didn't mind one bit about any of my weaknesses (i'm talking things of the sexual nature). i felt the same way about her. however it ended shortly, i saw the same nightmare over and over again for a week. it was a dream of her losing her memory of me. for her she saw me no longer loving her, for some reason she saw me in love with another man, yet somehow she described the man to have a familiar feeling although she doesn't know whom it is. then it finally happened at the end of the week. she had lost her memory of me. along with that though she seemed to have lost a bit more. a typical example is her cat, she seemed to treat her cat very differrently almost as if she no longer knew the cat. her personality seemed very different as well. however about the same time one of my friends began to change. he seemed to be changing... into my girlfriend (not physically). things like his words of speech began to change, his tone of voice etc. he had never met her before nor did he know about her. i had known my friend for 4 years, he was definitely heterosexual as am myself. shortly after my friend began to change, he soon confessed his love to me. almost in the exact same words that my girlfriend had used when she confessed her love to me. if i understand her dream and my dream correctly it was that she saw herself in love with me, but with a different body. i didn't really believe it at first, as everything that happened ever since meeting her had been so weird. that and i am heterosexual. how was i supposed to love a man? i couldn't, but i can love what was inside. i am currently in love with my friend now whom i believe to be my girlfriend inside. i haven't changed to finding other males attractive but i am still willing to satisfy my friend in any way as i had satisfied my girlfriend. yes i have crossed the bounder, it wasn't easy but i have.


what i believe true love is something that transcends time. that we all have certain tests to pass when they you are ready for them. and that true love goes beyond physical apperances. it is also free of jealousy as the way my girlfriend/ currently boyfriend makes me feel they truly love no other than me.

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