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A Slap in the Face

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So some long time family friends' daughter is getting married next month.


I grew up with this girl and her family as a child. Wedding invitations have been sent to my sister and my parents, but I wasn't invited. They were at my sister's wedding in March, and things went great. I thought deeply and thoroughly, and I'm pretty sure I've never offended them in any way, and I've gone out of my way to be pleasant with them.


And with this in mind, I am deeply offended. They're not at the top of my list of important people in my life, but invite everyone in my family except me to their daughters wedding is such an offense to me that I'm considering severing any friendly ties I have to them. I don't think I'll see them much, but if I do, I can't guarentee that I'll even say 1 kind word to them. Just give them the cold shoulder and cold verbage.


Am I over-reacting? Or am I right to be offended?

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screw them over and be their +1, then look absolutely gorgeous and take all the attention for yourself


though to be fair, could your invite have got lost in the mail, or could they have innocently forgotten you


or is there a chance the groom fancies the pants off you and the bride is being overprotective?


any of these things (and more) could be the case, don't worry, be happy!

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I doubt you offended them.

If you haven't maintained a close relationship/friendship with them, maybe that's why you weren't invited? Your sister, perhaps, was only invited bc she invited them to her wedding? If she hadn't, maybe she would not have been invited as well.


Do you think this might be the case?

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Hmm...I think for my family's weddings, they give my parents an invite and then give the individual married couples an invite. I am "bundled" into my parent's invite because I'm single and still considered their child. It might be a cultural thing though.


I'm not sure, have you spoken to your parents about it and see if they can offer an opinion to why you weren't personally invited?

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I agree with BetterKarma. I am sure you've been invited along with your parents. But if you're still worried about it there's a simple solution. Since, your family have been so close to them, have your parents call them and tell them that you think your invite has been lost in the mail and see what the response will be.

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