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Is he interested? And if so, in what?


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I met a guy from an online dating site in which I initiated contact. We've had 2 dates and emails/phone calls back and forth.


On the first day, it lasted for 3 hours.. he gave me a kiss on the cheek in the end. I left thinking it was interesting enough that I wanted to see him again..


A day later he called and wanted to see me again, so we set a time to hang out a week after the initial date. This time it lasted for 4-5 hours. He was very affectionate this time and initiated the kissing, hugging, holding hands and even had me on his lap. Anyways, we acted like we'd been together for a very long time, it felt very natural and that there was definitely physical attraction between us. After a day or so he asked what I thought about the two of us. I told him I wanted to see him again but wanted to take things slow, that I wasnt looking for sexual encounters nor getting into a relationship too quickly. He asked me for a 3rd date so he could give me his answer. He basically said come over to his place and that he promise not to misbehave... I declined but put a tentative date for later...


What do you think?

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Welcome to ENA!


He definitely sounds interested. However, asking you to come over to tle you know isn't the best place to be told. LOL.


I think you did the right thing in declining. How about asking him to go to dinner again some place public and then talk it out?

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Well the invite was for hanging out but if you were in the mood too maybe something more could develop like making out and what not with you he was looking forward too with you. He probably is looking for something besides sexual stuff, so if your taking it slow don't read into it too much, he may already get the hint that you don't want to advance since you declined his offer, so don't worry, but worry if its months later and he starts acting weird, then talk to him, till then, don't worry too much, you haven't had 5 dates yet, so no worries.

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