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I am 15 years old and i have been going with my girlfriend for about 1 month now and i was looking to know,

When i get her a Valentines card what could i write on it.. i dont want to write somefing real stupid or something on it, just something to make her smile and think about me when she is reading it. could some1 please help me. give me something as to write. i also got her a present and i think she will love it, it is a bracelet with her name on the front and my name on the other side, her friends say she will love it..Happy Dayzzzz cant wait to give it to her...Thanks

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Hi there,


It's so good to see someone so happy as you are. As for your Valentine's card: keep it simple. I found that link removed has great textures. Personally I love the poetry from Susan Polis Schutz. May be some of those words work for you.


What I am going to say next is my opinion, others can have theirs. I wouldn't write something about how she looks or how pretty she is. Personally I'd love to write about character and personality. Example?


"Words that cross my mind when thinking of you. She is .... fun, exciting, smart, sweet, sensitive, creative and honest."

"That's why I like you so much!!!"


*Grins* ... just my dollar worth! Have fun on Valentine's Day!


~ SwingFox ~

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