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do women think men care more than they do?

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I've been having fun since I brokeup with this one guy. Its very strange, because I did like him a lot. Only tonight I miss him. I think that I'll probably have it bother me a lot on nights when I'm alone. Do you have suggestions on how to get over someone more quickly?


I saw a movie that quoted someone saying, "Women always think that men care much more than they do..." he was having a sexual affair with the woman and she believed that he loved her when he was just using her. It also made me think of this girl who I met whose boyfriend immediately left after a pregnancy scare...she said, "Oh he'll be back"...she was so sure of it.


It makes me think that its me to. That I want someone to care, and b/c the person was around, I thought they did when THEY DIDN'T AT ALL...and its somewhat astonishing. Its very strange to think that I'd be that delusional. How do you know if you are or aren't? Is it true?

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This is an interesting thought. I think it differ's depending on the woman. I have a friend who absolutely believes that because a guy has spent time with her, or had sex with her that he TRULY AND DEEPLY CARES about her.


I'm the complete opposite. Men have had to prove me to me that they really care. I think none of them do.


Not sure which is the lesser of two evils......

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