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Jealousy is going to ruin us


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Hi guys I'm back.


I've posted quite a few messages on here about my jealousy issues, but over the last few weeks I've been fine, hardly any jealousy at all! HOWEVER...Last night jealousy got me big time, here's the story:


I went to pick up my boyfrind from work last night, I was waiting out the back and I saw Vicky there (Vicky is the girl that I thought my boyfriend cheated on me with but it turns out he didn't, my prev. posts explain this ) Anyway...she works there right, so I she's supposed to be there! So why did I get jealous? I was perfectly happy before I saw her (I'm not 100% sure it was her either ) When my boyfriend got in the car I was a bit off with him. Why?? I have no idea!!! I was just so jealous that Vicky was in there!


But that's not all...


Later last night me and my boyfrind were having a great time, a real good laugh, and we were talking about work and stuff and he said that the other girl he was working with (Amy) is his X-girlfriend from before his girlfriend before me. He told me he finished with her to be with Elise (His girlfriend before me) and said he doesn't know why he did it because Amy is 10 times nicer than Elise is. I said well if you hadn't finished with Amy you may never have met me and he said "It's a possiblity". Now my reading into this says that he stills likes this Amy girl. I was so jealous it hurt! Am I right to be jealous? He works with Amy and Vicky...I find it really hard!


I never say anything to my boyfriend about my jealousy, although he knows I don't like hearing about his X's. And this Amy girl is only here for a couple of weeks before she goes back to University so should I care?? I trust my boyfriend, but I can't stand the thought of him liking other people, even though I know it's natural and everyone does it!


Please help me, I was really off with my boyfriend last night after I found out about this Amy girl, even though he's done nothing wrong and I had no right to be mad! I don't know how to handle jealousy and I seriously need help before this splits us up.



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I have posted about this guy before, and I know you dont want to hear this, but he is playing too many games here. Why after all you just went through with this Vicki girl would he even feel the need to go into something like this. I'm sorry girlfriend I think you need to get out of this situation while you can before you get so hurt that you feel you have no escape. I dont see a good match here for you.

I mean what is he doing to help fix your insecurities? NOTHING! He is adding to them with the Ol' "Yeah so like the hottest chicks in the entire world work around none other then me" or the ol' "You're so luck Laura to have me because as soon as you let me go, so many lucious hotties will take your place!"


BULLSH... This guy is full of it, and is probably very insecure himself which is why he feels to need to add to his confidence by letting you know just how many women are around him. You think by now he doesnt know this is hurting you? Is that what you think? No, he knows and doesnt care.

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Hey, Jealous.

I am sorry to say that I agree with what sweetypie said about your boyfriend. It would seem that he's luring you into a difficult position in which you have no choice but to get hurt. I mean.. If you've known eachother for such a long time, you can read your lovers face and see how he/she responds and when he/she is sad or happy. He should know that you feel jealous towards Amy and then he Should Not go about talking like he did. He should instead comfort you and try to calm you in the belief that you are the one for him.


I don't want to tell you what to do, I am just trying to give you some insight. But if I were you, I'd take some time off and try to gather my thoughts and think about Me instead of Him and how he's acting.

I hope things turn out ok for you and that life treats you good.

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u r very very right to be jealous but he wasnt neccisarily sayin he likes her he was just sayin its possible u wouldnt have hooked up and its possible he wanted to makeu jealous cuz hten he know s that ur very into him cuz u dont get jealous ove rnothin dont worry bout it relax and forget bout it good luck!!!

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