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Am i being rejected?

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There is this girl i liked and i thought she like me. I asked her to homecoming an she said yes. After homecoming i stopped talking to her and started to act real shy around her. I recently wrote her a poem. It took her a while to get back to me on it. She told me that she liked the poem and that i was very sweet and that i am a good friend? What does she really think?

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well sounds like u need to hang out with her a lil just ask her wut shes doin on new years eve or sumtin then hang out with her have a good time with her show her u can then keep askin her and if she ever says no u know she prolly just wants to be friends but if u keep goin and hangin out then ask her if u want to hook up offiacially but this message could mean different things i would need more details but i said all i can here good luck!!! 8)

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Well, she's not exactly going to call you anything else than that. I, too, suggest hanging out with her more, and sometimes, you can just ask if she wants to go anywhere further with you than just "friends." However, that is only for the bold and daring. *bites a Doritos chip*

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hey man i know how u feel, ive been in that situation before. i agree with both of those ppl. i think it would really benefit you if you you hang out with her more and keep her interest level up. dont run up to her all the time though and keep a distance sometimes. you dont want to seem desperate. make sure you let her think that your worth something. cuz u know, girls like to get the type of guys they cant so it makes her feel good. good luck bro!

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Sending a girl a poem like that comes off as a desperate act. Sure you had a good time, but she most likely opened herself to you, and you didn't make your move. Even though you might not know when she did, she sees it as her being rejected.


Girls have a harder time being rejected than guys. They generally have more control over the initial situation, and when something as minor as this happens, there isn't much you can do.


I am not saying you are not a good poet, but most people are not. Sure they are sweet, but she looked at it as desperation.


This is just my opinion. I was in this situation the other night, and I didn't take my window. I had broken up with my girlfriend, so I went to my old roomate's (female) place. Her boyfriend came over and broke up with her with my in the next room watching TV. She came in crying and I did a little to make her feel better.


She calmed down after a while and she said "We can now piss off our exes in one act,"


I lived with her for a year with no activity. So this would have been new. I just took it like she was joking, and that was it.


I do love that girl (not romantically), but that would have ment me getting into another relationship too soon after the one I just got out of. Plus we both might have regreted it the next day. It was for the best.


Now it is weird when I talk to her.


Don't feel bad because it didn't work out. Your situation is really common, but it isn't anything personal. Best thing you can do is be nice to her next time you see her. If she just doesn't like you, it is nothing personal.

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