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well u cant just get guys to like u but i think i mat be able to help 1 how do u aproach them do u just see them one day and then talk to em like once and just begin to like them or do u flirt a lil flirt a lil more and flirt alot see if u dont get to know them and flirt they will be scared off be friends with them first and look at all guys not just "HOT" ones ull be surprised ull find a diamond in a pile of quarts looks arent everything and i found that out real quick but i hope this helps hey and u can talk to me anytime to just im me sometime if u need to talk aight good luck

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I am a 18 year old male and still have never had a girlfriend in my life, so I can relate all too well. Some day you will find the right person. Just don't lose hope and always keep a positive attitude as well as a smile on your face every day. What exactly do guys say or do that make you think that anyway?

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I am a fifteen year old guy and i have never had girlfriend. I discovered that the reason why i never had a girlfriend was because i never did anything about it. I would never ask girls out or talked to girls that i liked. One very important thing i learned was to never be shy.

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It is really hard to say if you are doing anything wrong if we have never seen you around these guys. 15 is really young to be too worried about it. The best advice I can give is to be friends with the guys and not try to be anything more.


I had a friend in school that always acted totally over the top and made a fool of herself when anyone was around. She thought it would impress them or something, but the guys just thought she was weird.


You seem pretty level-headed about it, so just relax. It is better to wait for the right guy then to go looking for the wrong one.

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