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Hi all,


Just after a bit of advice really as I've recently signed up for one of those online dating sites.


Anyway I've been talking to this girl since Saturday and we're getting on really well. Plenty of good natured banter, identical senses of humour and the chat really flows. Ok, we've only exchanged about 4 e-mails but I'd like to meet her.


Here in lies my problem. Is it too soon? Or on the other hand if I left it would it be too late?


Very difficult to know when she's not in front of you so you can gauge her mood.


Help as always much appreciated. Thanks.

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Being friend-zoned over the Internet happens a lot quicker than it does when you're meet someone in person.


Simply enough, just tell her that anytime she's free, and if she wants to do something, you're good to go. You put the ball in her court, and if she's interested, she'll take you up on the opportunity.

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Hi Raffers,


If you think its something that might be promising, send her your phone number/ask her for her number, talk to her a few times and arrange some kind of meeting. Some women are leary of meeting guys on the internet, if she has your phone #, she can call you risk free- and if she is interested she will. Some internet people sound really cool over e-mail, and then just turn into total duds when you talk to them in person. There are internet date people out there that just want to e-mail (these are trouble if you want to meet a real person). Don't spend too much time e-mailing, if you think you've e-mailed enough to establish enough confidence for a phone chat, then a real world meeting shouldn't be too far away.


Good Luck

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In person date ASAP, saves time for both parties. You will both realize if you are even interested within minutes of a date. If it doesn't work, you could make a new friend and expand your 'network' that way. I dated many people online that I thought were great over the phone or email and there was no chemistry once you meet.

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Thanks for your help, guys.


Perhaps I should just say in my next e-mail that it's really fun talking to her and if she was interested I'd like her to consider meeting me then give her my no. and tell her to text me.


As long as you're making progress. Zachtos is absolutely right. The faster you get things into perspective, the faster you either move on, or get hooked on this one.

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