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A few more


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Here are the ones that lead up to my last post. I hope someone like them.




Broken Hearted


She has left me,

Broken Hearted.

But I still love her so.

I can't describe the pain,

Like being ripped inside out.

I don't want to live with out her,

Please let the pain end.

I would I would die a thousand deaths,

For one last sweet kiss.

But that will never happen

I know this to be true.

I wish I could die

She has let me broken hearted.







Am I destined to be alone?

Is this how I was ment to be?

To love but not be loved.

I once found happiness…

But I through it away…

I would give my life to have her back

But try as I may, I just can't get it right.

What purpose is life without some one to share

All the joys and the sorrows through out your days.

Alone in the morning Alone at night.

It's a constant battle to keep living.


thank you for your time.

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great poems.

even though they are great, theres one thing, it seems that when people become depressed they use a talent to release all there bad thoughts, and store them in a box. usually its meant to make you feel better. only this seems like when you open up or read the poems before, the thoughts remain and rekindle.


so despite you having an art in the way you write, does this help at thius very moment in the way your feeling, or prolong things?


great though, up to you now.

relationships arent the bees end and alls end its just when we believe weve founbd that perfect person yet loose them again we dont bother trying any more and loose out on opotunities.


sorry you lost someone you loved.


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Thank you Kel. Well I'm only posting very recent writings. and I know what your saying but you have to understand we had been together for a very long time, married and now separated awaiting a divorce that she wants and I don't. The marriage has been over 10 years, and I have loved her alot longer than that. Alot of mistakes have been made, and now its over. Keep checking back I'll probably be posting some more here soon. Again thanks for your input. It helps to get these out there for review and comments.

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