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Yellow Shirt (85% Fiction, and LONG)

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I looked at that yellow shirt

Looking from button to button

I remembered

I held it out in front of body

As if embracing an old friend

By the shoulders

Letting him know I respect him

You were such a good friend

You remember when I met her

She was beautiful, right?

We seemed to hit it off right away

When we were talking

I couldn't help but stare into her eyes

My heart was racing

So fast and strong,

It seemed like the only thing holding it back

Was you, right there with me

You remember, right?

The first time I kissed her

Under the moonlight

It almost seemed as if the moon was a spotlight

It was watching over us

She held you in her arms

She held me in her arms

I was embracing her ever so gently

She felt warm, didn't she?

This yellow shirt

You have a lopsided collar

She accidentally ripped you

She tried to sew you back together

This yellow shirt

You're slightly faded at the bottom

I spilled my drink on you

I apologize

I was lost in her beauty

I wasn't paying attention

This yellow shirt

Your top button is missing

It popped off when she ripped you open

You sat on the floor of her bedroom and watched

It was my first time

I'll remember it forever

This yellow shirt

You don't look so great anymore

This yellow shirt

You torment me with memories

This * * * * ing yellow shirt

You were there

You were their that day

I saw her walk toward me, she seemed upset

We reached out and tried to comfort her

She rejected me

I sat down with her

She wouldn't look at me

I asked her what was wrong

You remember what she said, don't you?

You remember it word for word

"I can't do this anymore."

That's what she said, right?

She walked away

I tried to catch up

We grabbed her arm

She turned and grabbed my wrist

Her face never looked so cold

Her eyes were bitter

They looked the same as before

But I saw myself in them

My arm fell to my side

She stared me down

She walked away from us

The ring in my pocket felt so heavy

I looked down

There you were, yellow shirt

Reminding me of everything

The memories that once felt so good

The memories that now feel like torture

The memories that you bring back

I couldn't get rid of you

You brought back so many memories

I had to get rid of you

You brought back so many memories

I'm holding you in front of my body

I'll give you a second chance

I'll wear you once again

I looked accross the street

I know you saw what I saw

But who was she with?

You knew, didn't you?

I couldn't handle it

I had to get away

Every reflection

Every window or mirror

Brought back memories

Memories of us

Memories of her

I looked to the left

You saw it coming, didn't you?

You didn't say anything

The bright lights speeding towards me

On this road I had traveled with you

The lights went out

It was in this shirt

This yellow shirt

When I met her

It was in this shirt

This worn-out shirt

I experienced my first with her

It was in this shirt

This * * * * ing shirt

She left me

It was in this shirt

This yellow shirt

That I laid to an eternal rest

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