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Hi everyone hope this letter finds you in good spirits.


Alot is going in my life these days. I passed my karate preliminary yesterday and tomorrow the limelight is going to be focused only on me. I am the only one going up for my next belt. After this promotional I am going to start doing a spin class and weight lifting and perhaps some yoga...you know alternate, but my karate will still be 3 times a week.


Well, my co-workers are saying how good I look and how much weight I have lost. I know sometimes when people break up they may not take care of themselves, but I started taking care of myself right away and it's been the best thing for me.


I thought at first how hard it maybe to live without my bf, but you know what it's been greattttttttttttttt!!!!!!


I am getting in the best shape of my life


My job is going great


I am actually going to study for a better job and keep the other one as back up.


I have several men prospects, in which one works in the same building, but not in my department. He asked me today when I am going to give him my phone number...hehehehe...I kind of ignored it, but anyway I might in the near future....guess I am kind of scared to date a guy that works at my company...never did that before.


I have been on a dating site for people in their 30's and 40's there are several guys I would consider.


I cleaned, scrubbed, dusted, mopped, and rearranged my bedroom to make it more fung shui.


My ex comes over to visit me often and calls me all the time...when he comes over he always brings me loads of gifts...we didn't end on bad terms and still the best of friends...he called me this morning to see how my karate preliminary went last night...me and him used to be a karate team and he was feeling down that he wasn't there. He gave me this jewelry box yesterday full of rings, bracelets, a silver necklace, and other cute trinkets. He keeps telling me that he still loves me and that he trying to make money to take me to Disneyland.


My ex told me even if I find a new bf that he will never stop giving me gifts. He told me that he admires me and never really understood how darn hard it was for me to take care of myself since I was 17 (that is when I left home) and he told me how very proud of me he is and I am the strongest and most independent woman he ever knew. He still thinks we can work things out and get back together, but I don't know about that.


I am just taking it day by day and he does his life and I am doing mine. Honestly, I don't know if I could be with him again, because I have moved on, but he is still my first love and I don't want to remember my time with him as bad...I don't want to have a bad taste in my mouth for love.


My Leo is in pain and I could not fix him...he didn't do anything to me personally, he just needs to find himself and nobody can do that but him. He is a good person, but he is a person with deep pain and to much baggage. I will be his good friend just like before we became lovers, because, I don't abandon my friends in need, but I won't be a doormat.


Anyway, the guy at work I feel attraction for and he is a single father, hard worker, cute, strong, nice, smart...I have known him for 3 years come December. He also been divorced and knows what pain is. I think perhaps me and him could just hang out and see what happens...I am in such a good phase in my life right now I don't want to let anything get in my way. He comes to my department often to chat with me and my other coworkers. Right now in my life all I can give to a guy is my friendship, but down the line perhaps more.


I don't intend to allow this bad experience close the door of my heart to love. I want to try it again and I am looking forward to it when the time comes.

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I did a co-worker last year and it was fine. Great fun actually. She was on a temporary contract tho, so i knew she'd be leaving a month after we started hooking up. I'm not sure its a good idea otherwise - if it goes wrong and you end up having to see each other every day after you've split... well it would be a nightmare i should imagine.


One other word of warning: you might want to consider how any new guy will accept your ex being in the picture to the extent that he is. Speaking personally, i dont ever accept exes staying on the scene. The situation as you describe it in your post would be a dealbreaker for me. JMHO.

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