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Hi .. I have posted before on ENA about my last job, being micromanaged, accused of stuff I didn't do, nitpicking on me after 12 years on job as I have always done the same way until they decided they didnt like how I did my job, and many other issues.. made me unhappy, felt like I couldn't work independently anymore, having to check in with her all the time (was never like that before) drove me away to quit, but yes I did find a new job so I quit. I had been with the company longer than her.


I sometimes have a feeling this was plotted against me because when I gave my notice, she told me she knew i was looking for a job and I wonder how she knew because I never mentioned a word to her, never looked for jobs on line, did not open my home emails at work regarding jobs, etc etc. So I asked her how she knew/suspected, she said of the way we hadn't been getting along... hmmmm I had kept t his portion of life very private


But anyway, I have no regrets leaving this job as i am at much more peace now ... but in order to do this, i had to take a big paycut from 19.39 an hour to 13.00 an hour. (OUCH!!!!!) I am not complaining, but I am starting to feel the pinch, stressed about not having enough money left after paying bills and mortgage, which is why I am selling my condo. Right now I have 35 dollars in the hole until July 11th and it sucks. I can't even pay my condo dues, etc....


I am just so angry at my last supervisor about all this how she had ruined my life, etc... resenting her, etc... like she ruined my life (this wasn't the only thing she ruined, but she also violated my personal private life at work/home and that was 3 years ago and I won't go into it...)


I don't know how to let this go,... I can't seem to forgive her.. (heck, she doesn't deserve it)


but I do know that I am much happier at my new job, I can work independently, the enivornment is much more laid back and I love that. I don't experience anymore anxiety and all that feelings I was experiencing at my last job .. people do comment that I do look much better now, look happier and my doctors told me that I do look alot better now than the last couple years at work ... wonder if I looked that bad?????


What just really pizzes me off about is money money!!! UGH ..


Just venting.. thanks for listening!!!! Any wisdoms, words, kind words, etc would be appreciated.. i feel like I am alone in this situation but I am pretty sure I am not, and that there are people out there in similar situation as I am ..


I'm sure i will bounce back financially soon after I sell my condo......


P.S. I just found out a few more people were let go (slow at work ) and I'm glad i left in time ..



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Not sure about this, but if your condo doesn't sell quickly, could you refinance your loan to lower condo payment and have some money?


Went that route last December and I won't go there again, it was pure BS ... they wanted this, that, this, that.. and even tho I was approved they refused to release the funds until I gave them my ORIGINAL 401K statement .. and I had sent it once and they claimed they never got it so i refused to resend it ... plus i had to pay for apprasial which costed 350 .. then they made me pay this old old bill of 350 dollars.. so I lost 700 dollars and i'm mad ...


Since then, my score might have dropped a little and i won't go that route but i'm looking into loan modification with my mortgage company but I think te best thing is just to sell my condo because I can't keep up with the payments, including the dues, etc.

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Money stress is always harder for me to take than workplaces stress. I get to leave work at the end of the day, but no money may mean I have no home to go home to. Both suck, but I'll take the work stress.



I refuse to take work stress, because I very nearly went postal at work and I didn't want to make the cnn news. No seriously, I would never do that, I was just being sarastic, but seriously I wanted to throttle my supervisor big time.

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You have to work on letting this go because it is ancient history.


Recognize that work is about work, and you can have a job you absolutely love and that job can still go away thru layoffs. I've had my share of bosses that i loved, who were replaced with people i hated, or re-organizations that moved people around where you didn't want to go. It is just business, and you have to not take it so personally.


You also made a choice to take a lower paying job. There is nothing stopping you from continuing to look for a better paying job. Those were your choices, so not your former boss's fault.


You have the attitude that she 'messed it up', but someone else put her in charge and she was doing the job the way she felt right to do it. You may not agree with that, but no one is owed happiness or a boss you love and get along with. If you're lucky you get that, but it just doesn't work out that way a lot of the time.


So recognize that the only person you are upsetting here by dwelling on this is yourself. Enjoy your new job, and work on ways to improve your finances, either with another better paying job, or some little business on the side like Ebay or other income supplementation.

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