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What makes someone an ex?

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I was having a conversation/debate with a friend of mine... and i decided to pose this question to everyone on ENA...


if you go on a few dates with someone... the movies, out to dinner, maybe you have dinner at their place one time... get together with mutual friends...you do not have sex with this person and this takes place over the course of a month ... is that person considered an "ex"?



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I think it has a lot more to do with emotional conection--that's who I consider an ex. If you invested any emotion into them--not necessarily love but maybe a little more than just a crush--then that person is an ex if you stop seeing each other.

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My opinion is that if you and the other person were exclusive, then yes, you can consider them an ex. However, if you were never a real item, then no, it's not an ex. Just someone you went on a few dates with.


If they were once your boyfriend or girlfriend, then it's safe to refer to them as your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.


This is all JMO, though.

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Maybe this person wants to take it slower. This is definitely not an "ex". But judging just from you even posing this question, makes me think you are not THAT interested anyways. thereforeee, I see no problem here.

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i honestly thought that an ex was someone...anyone that you dated regardless of the extent of the relationship.


an ex is someone you were exclusive with but you are no longer seeing each other. it's established. you agree you are together.


you don't just gree to meet up at red lobster. that's a date.

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