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Hey there! Thanks for all of your replies!


okok, so after reading them, I've this other qsn : how do you define str8? I think the categorization is passe, of cos, no offence to the pple who believe they are.. so nobody here actually thinks that there is a sliver of hope, a REAL chance that she would buckle?

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Hi Motley,

I think you should just follow your heart. I have a lesbian friend who always dates "straight" women (including me many years ago). They are straight before they meet her and continue being straight after the relationship ends (she's had at least 6 such relationships, all lasting years). I think the concept of straight/gay is far too black and white for most of us, especially nowadays when the taboos surrounding homosexual love are weaker than ever before in our history. It's not just about experimenting (although a lot of that is going on too) but the fact that we come to realize that love and sexuality are mysterious things that don't necessarily follow the traditional norms set by our conservative society.

Now in your case, I think you've piqued her interest. She's curious, she possibly even likes you, and she doesn't seem to be turned off by your interest. If you got her blessing for courtship, go ahead and court her. But don't underestimate your own vulnerability. In the worst of cases, you might fall for her, and she might just end up basking in your attention without returning any of your feelings. So be careful. And if she says no, you will just have to respect that, or otherwise risk heartbreak or some other less desirable outcome.

Good luck and let us know how things turned out.

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