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I need help bad...PLEASE!


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Alright I've been with my current girlfriend for a year and 4 months. About a month ago I log on to her Facebook BY MISTAKE, and found out in her messages that shes been talking to her boss from work. I read in the messages about how she is tired of how I cry over things. And he had the nerve to call me a GIRL? Ok * * * * talk isn't gonna play into this because I know I can kill the dude,but anyways. I confronted her about it and she got angry at me and started her blame game. So I told her since I cry too much I will be the arogant asswhole I was in the first place, (atleast then I didn't take anyones * * * * and their mouths were shut to my presense). Well I lost alot of my trust in her after that, then no more then 2 days later I get on her yahoo and shes sending pictures of him to her friends. Im furious and I call her and start screaming (I don't care when i'm pissed i'm pissed..) and she tells me its my fault again (again my fault HA!) so we talk for about 3 hours straight and I tell her I don't trust her anymore. She gets upset and starts crying. (Im the bad guy now I guess) So anyways we're still together. I can't trust her anymore. I've been thinking about giving her a taste of her own medicene and doing what she did to me.


But the only problem is now. All I do is worry myself sick, Im depressed and Im confused. I ask myself if this is really my fault? Is this my fault? I wanna fix things but Im not sure how, and how can I reassure myself she is being truthful.


And for the record. I have never defied my girlfriend in anyway. I keep my eyes on here and my thoughts and opinions about other females to myself. What could be her reasoning for doing the opoisite for me?



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I think she might be daring you to defy her. Maybe to her it's a sign of manhood or something.. It sounds like you are really a great guy, maybe she isn't ... I don't know. I would be thinking of getting out of this relationship. I would be pissed at my bf if I found out that he was complaining to somebody about me.

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Im not sure of what to do. The thought of just taking matters into my hands and fixing the problem the only way I know is to just dish out an ass beatin to her boss. I just don't care anymore, jail don't worry me at all its me beating the guy to death that keeps me from doing it. ( I don't know my own strength)


And the worst of it all is that I changed myself just for her.

She wanted a peaceful,loving,caring,and emotionally down to earth person, so...........i got in touch with my softer side (gay side to me!) and tried to make her happy. I used to be the rowdy and rough guys, alot of girls, alot of fights in chick terms i guess i was the "bad boy". So im thinking about just goin back to where i liked how i was. Maybe me being untouchable again will make her additude change, I just can't change my additude like i change my socks.

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In a sad strange way I don't care. If she visits me in jail i could give a * * * * less. Beatin this dudes head in is actually worth it to me, he acts tough, and he claims hes such a good fighter, well im startin to think hes never met a seasoned country boy!

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Alright well you do need an attitude check.

#1 you arent going to kill anyone, if you were, you would have already done it. Dont try and act tough thinking anyone is interested in you killing someone. You arent tough for killing someone, dealing with it the right way is what makes you tough.


You have trust issues. Most of what happened, is your fault. She doesn't trust you so she goes to her boss to relieve what she holds in. She doesn't trust you enough to come to you with problems involving you, that's a huge problem. She is completely justified in this. You say it was an accident by going into her facebook and I believe you, but you say you yell at her and you get really upset, but it doesnt seem like you try and solve the real problem. You need to sit down with her and calmly talk to her like a person. How can you expect her to put trust in you if the first time you found out a secret you overreacted and treated her like she was wrong. Maybe when she first went to her boss she was thinking of you, maybe she didnt want to hurt you. Maybe she was afraid of your reaction. She complains about you crying over everything, tell me, have you changed? Your reaction is exactly what she was talking about. Learn, that sometimes she will put trust on certain things with different people, her world does not revolve around you, it revolves around her like everyone else.

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