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In any type of relationship, how do you cheer people up?


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I have had a very rough patch over the past year and a half, and my friends and family have helped me through it more than I can say. Now that I'm doing well and happy again, on occasion my friends and family will go through a rough patch. I want to help them all in the same way they helped me, but sometimes I can't seem to figure out how to cheer people up. I know you can't FORCE anyone to be happy or perk up, but you can help, so I wanted to get your two cents on how you cheer up your family/friends/S.O.





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I think it's fantastic that you want to be there for friends in the same way they were for you.

It's hard to say how without knowing the specific people.

But generally, just be the best friend you can-

By being there for them, listening, being a shoulder to cry and lean on, Be comforting and caring, offer fun diversions, and encouragement.

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The only one that's easy for me is my S.O., I can just get close and nuzzle or give him a little neck or back rub, and his mind is off it and relaxed. Everyone else is a little harder for me, since I generally try to point out the silver lining and that doesn't work for everyone.

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I never really put myself out there to help people. But people always seem to come to me when they are feeling down. If something is wrong with someone I won't bring it up, but I will be there when they need me and I just listen really well.


I think when people try to get overly lovey dovey in these situations it doesn't really help much.

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I sometimes mail cards or email encouraging words to friends that I know are going through a hard time.


Send a hello with many smiles and positive words or humor. If they are having a rough time, it certainly won't fix it but it may help them to feel a little more positive.


Talking and listening.... My friends and family have been SO great to me - helpful, encouraging.. I owe them so much! And want to be there for them as well. Most of the time, if they are going through a rough patch, they'll call me and we'll talk for a long time about what's going on and then about old times - which always gets us laughing.


I think a simple "I care about you...." "I'm thinking about you." "I'm here for you" "I love you" "I believe in you" "Everything is going to be alright" - - - if you sincerely mean it - helps close friends and family..

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