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Please help us... and a word of thanks from a Moderator :)


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Dear readers,


As of late I have seen something that worries me BIG time and I would like to share my concern over this with you. I have seen users abusing swear words on this forum.


I would like to explain everyone that I am so glad to see so many users posting to this forum. Your postings help others, either by you giving advice or by you reading advice from others. This forum is unique in that. Exactly that is the reason why I wanted to join this forum as moderator.


However, this forum is not intended to spill out swear words left and right, it is meant to help. thereforeeeeeee I would like to ask everyone, posting to this forum, to choose your words carefully. I understand that some of you are very emotional, because so many sad things might have happened in your life. I understand that advicers posting to this board get very upset over what they read on here. But that simply does not justify abusing swear words.


Be notified that the moderators of this board pretty much go over every posting. Swear words are being censored by the moderators, so it doesn't help you really to use any swear word on here.


I also want to make use of this opportunity to thank every member of this board. THANK YOU for all your help and support towards those that are in need of it and THANK YOU for posting your messages. Don't let this message stop you from posting. All I ask for is to post in an orderly manner.


With these words, I'd like to conclude this post. I send each of you my warmest regards from The Netherlands, Europe and wish you lots of fun on eNotalone.com.



Moderator @ eNotalone.com

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Hi SwingFox,


I used to manage my own bulletin back in my previous company.


Does this forum application allow the administrator to block out profanities? I was able to do so with my copy back then. How it works is, the moment the system detects any swear words (you can create your own list) it will immediately convert them to ***** instead. Nifty and effective.

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