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Dave & Buster's or Medieval Times


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Hey Everyone,

I was going to switch it up a bit with my lady and try something new in terms of a night out. I usually cook a dish that is native to the region of Italy of where she is from and I'll make a desert that incorporates her favorite chocolate somehow into a dish that resembles her mood.


I am tired though, I thought we could do something spontaneous, goofy, daring. There are no other two places that embody this like Dave and Busters or Medieval Times. Personally, I would go here twice a month if I could but I think you only get two refills on soda at MT and my girl loves her some diet pepsi.


Which one should I choose? it would only be for one night and then back to me cooking us dinner.



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Personally I'd choose Medieval Times. Dinner & a show is always fun. My boyfriend took me to Dave & Buster's once, and it was fun for a little while, but after I was done I watched him shoot zombies on the screen for another hour lol...

plus the food isn't all that great

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Last time we went to Dave and Busters, we won over 5,000 tickets and I was able to get christmas presents for her and my entire family. Shot glasses and coffee makers were a hit during the holidays.


lol. did they all say DB on them?

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