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Afraid to ruin the friendship


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Hi all,

I've been battling my depression and not sure if one of them involving this one guy friend. We've been hanging out as friends in group and just the two of us occasionally, and few months back our group of friends start teasing him toward this one girl in our group, and I was guilty for that as well.


Not surprisingly of course, they seem to show their feelings toward each other. And surprisingly, I wasn't happy since then. Everytime they flirth toward each other. It got to the point that I started to get annoyed toward her, and I am trying to avoid hanging out when they were both there.


I kept thinking could this possibly because I have feeling for him? I know he is not the right guy for me, that's why I never pursue it or even thought about the possibility of us together until now.


I felt I do like him, but at the same I do not want him because he is not what I need in my life. Am I selfish for feeling this way? What to do????

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It is confirmed that the two of them actually dating in the open now...I am not happy about it...and really giving the girl cold shoulder and snapping at her "stupid" comments more frequently now... I think I am jealous. Not sure of my own 'unhappiness' or my feeling for him. Just need to vent here.

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