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What does this all mean?

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I think that if you're a pot smoker, you may be able to understand my problem a bit better and if it means something...


So anyways, here's my story. The other day I hung out with a friend that I hadn't hung out with for a while since I've had beef with her. We made up a few days before but there's still a bit of uneasy tension between us. We decided to smoke some pot, and the pot we smoked was strange.


I'm an experienced pot smoker, and I'm fully aware of the effects it can have on you, such as anxiety attacks and paranoia. Anyways...


The strange pot we smoked made me react in a huge panic attack, I was worried about the stupidest things. I ended up being silent most of the time and it made my friend worry. I decided to leave afterwords...


During the anxiety attack I had many thoughts rushing through my head. I had continuous thoughts of that I didn't belong with my friend, that I shouldn't be hanging out with her since I had beef with her earlier. It didn't feel right, and I started panicking at her mere presense. Then I started thinking about the girl I have a crush on and everything started heading downwards from there.


To make things easier, let's make the girl I liked named Grace, and the girl I'm hanging out with named Rebecca


Anyways, I started panicking, thinking what if Grace saw me on the streets with Rebecca, what would she think. And what would my friends think if they saw me with Rebecca? I've had my fair share of gossip with them about her, and I know it was bad, but it was mostly out of anger and ranting.


I was stoned out of my mind that day, and the next thing I remember was that I was at a sandwhich place stuffing my face with a sandwhich and Rebecca was sitting there. I had my iPod stuck into my ears without knowing when and I felt rudely impolite and decided to leave from there. I said that I had to go and went for a bike ride afterwards.


During my bike ride I think I may have seen Grace, although I was so stoned it may have been someone else, I can't remember...


Now I've never had weed this bad before, I was paranoid as all hell and at points I felt like I wanted to die because I felt so cruddy.


So what am I supposed to make of all this? Should I stay away from Rebecca? Or what?

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We made up a few days before but there's still a bit of uneasy tension between us.


This doesn't go away just b/c you're not sober. The tension was unresolved, and so sober thoughts became un-sober tension.... paranoia + an uncomfortable situation that you wanted to get out of. Weed was just an aid in this case.


The rest just sounded like you went a little over board & freaked out a little bit.


No big deal. Just resolve things with Rebecca or leave it at that. Oh, & if you want to smoke, don't smoke in uncomfortable situations or you're asking for a freak out.

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Should I stay away from Rebecca? Or what?


I go for the second option...stay away from pot!


At any rate, I have no idea why you don't ask Grace out if she is the one you are interested in. As for Rebecca, if this relationship is platonic and neither of you are interested in each other romantically, then I don't see why you can't hang out with her as a friend. There is too little information regarding the nature of your relationship with these two women to really give an answer as to whether or not you should stay away from Rebecca...but clearly smoking pot and being in paranoid states will not help you make a wise decision.

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Well, if Grace rejected you that is a done deal and I don't see why you have to get rid of Rebecca just to prove anything to Grace. As for the issue with pot...if you are disturbed by your reaction then just don't smoke pot. If you don't smoke it, you won't have the side effects. It is like the old joke "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" the doctor's reply.."So don't do it".

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