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approaching starbucks employee


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I walked into Starbucks one day and an employee (female) there said Hi to me as a greeting. I said "Heeeylo" back in that tone. A minute later after I ordered my coffee, I glanced towards her direction and she happened to be looking towards me too, but with a smile on her face. I smiled back and went on with my business.


A week later I walked into the same Starbucks hoping to see her again. She happened to be working the cash register. I approached her and acted normal like how anybody would when ordering something. I was hoping to get some signal from her to start a conversation. I didn't see any and just went on and ordered my coffee and mind my own business. There was another employee close to her, so I was uncomfortable starting a chat with her knowing that the other person would listen in.


Any tips on what I should do the third time I go in? I'm sure she'll be more familiar with my face and be more comfortable because of that. I'm very shy when it comes to approaching girls. I actually never really asked a girl out in public. That's something I really want to accomplish, though.

Was the smile the first time I saw her a signal? Or more because Starbucks employees are usually friendly and outgoing? If anything, I should think the first to boost my desire to start a chat with her. That brings another question: How do I ask her out after a small chat while she's working the cash register and possibly have other customers in back of me waiting in line?? Do I ask her when she gets off work or when her break is??


HELP needed!! Thanks.

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welcome to enotalone


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I love this article, lol!


anyways, it's hard to tell, because they are paid to be friendly. i'd keep going back, maybe get her to open up a bit more. is she wearing a ring on her left hand? check that out first. maybe chit chat and ask how was her weekend. if she says something like, 'my boyfriend and i went hiking' then you know not to bother.


good luck!

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I dated a barista from starbucks once. I used to go in there to study a whole lot and she would talk to me whenever I was there, asking me questions about random stuff. Eventually, after we got to know each other a bit I just went right up to her and after a little small talk said, "Hey so and so, why don't you give me your number and we can get together sometime?" She couldn't write it down fast enough.


We dated for a little bit and it was fun. So I suggest getting to know her a bit through small talk and feel her out from there. If she seems genuinly interested in asking about you and your life then I would just take the plunge after you get to know each other a little.


P.S. I was really shy about approaching girls and asking them out at that time too, this little episode went a looooong way to curing that.

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It's always hard to tell with store employees. Even if they are attracted to you, they're not supposed to genuinely flirt on the job (unless it brings in more sales). There's this one girl who works in the mall that I talk to every now and then. Whenever I pass by her store I always see her look and smile at me, sometimes gives me a wave. When I go in to talk to her, though, I try to flirt but she doesn't do much back besides smile. No idea if she's interested or not. I suppose the only way to find out for sure is to go in and ask her out. It's harder at starbucks since there always seems to be a lot of employees and custiomers, but keep going in when she's there so you become a regular. Then one day when it's not busy and she has time to talk and is alone for the most part, I say ask her out. You've gotta be direct in these types of situations because the signs the employee gives don't mean much.

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Yeah, it is hard to tell. I've never met ONE woman who up and told me how she felt about me, and act like she likes me one sec, and the next, act like I don't even exist. I wish women would stop leading me on only to crush my heart into a pulp once she decides the charade has lasted too long and mr. perfect saunters along and gives her every little friggin thing she wants. Doing that to me is like dropping a grand piano on a dead horse.


Obviously, I'm imbittered with women messing with my life (especially the beautiful ones, though I still desire one). It's complicated.


Don't end up like me. Go talk to her and ask her out. Well, even then, you might not know, but in the end, you'll find out.

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