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He Finally Said I Love You!!!

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So its been a few weeks now... since he said i love you... if you guys dont know the whole story... we broke up in Dec. 07 and got back together officially in May 08 and FINALLY in June 08 he said i love you... cuz he fell out of love with me thats why we broke up. but anyways.. its so weird to say i love you to him... since you know when you havent said it for so long.. its really weird... but im getting use to it... but yeah.. i just wanted to give a update.

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Hi There,


I am glad that things are going well for you.


Hope to hear more updates about your progress together!


things have been going very well since we have been official... hes been so sweet and understanding about a lot of things we dont argue as much i mean we still get into arguments... but we talked it out until we have reach an understanding and were not mad anymore. so yes things have been going very well ... i honestly think our relationship now is much stronger then the last one. he has opened up more about his feelings cuz you know i cant read minds... (although that would be great if we could LOL) he had a problem talking about his feelings... and talking about them... so yeah... im very happy and im glad i stuck thru all the crap... and not giving up on us and never getting to this part... because there was a lot of times where i was just done with trying to work things out... but im glad i hung in there and the outcome of it was totally worth all the crap. haha (It wasnt easy... a lot of tears and heartache)

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