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Its over.

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I sent "Jesse" a message on MS because he won't answer his phone.

I guess this is partially my fault because I did give him an out- the message.

anyways, he just read the message, he didn't reply or anything.

I locked myself in the bathroom for a good 30 minutes and cried my eyes out.

I felt terrible and miserable. I never knew I could hurt like this.

Now I've realized... Yes, I'm heartbroken but at the same time, I'm indifferent.

Everyone's said that he'll come around but by the time he does, I'm not sure I'll want to hear it. I'm still upset but maybe its for the best.

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I'm not sure what your situation is specifically. What sort of message did you send your boyfriend?


Were you having trouble with him before this happened?


Do you want to elaborate a little more?


He's not my boyfriend, we were just best friends.

We sort of got into a fight and I called him immature and childish.

he had been saying we were getting married but when I toldhim that might not happen, he sort of got upset. I tried to talk to him but he ignored me so I called him immature and childish for not facing his problems.

I sent him a message saying that it was up to him to be friends and I'm sorry for taking him for granted and for being a bad friend.

He read the message but didn't reply.

He's still not talking to me but he's talking to my other friend. I'm not sure what theyre talking about though.

It hurts that I don't mean as much to him as I thought I did.

and yes, I've apologized many times.

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