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I started dating a friend of mine at the begging of the summer. We never fought and we connected on a physical and emotional level. We eventualy broke up at the end of the summer becasue she was going to colege and I am still in high school, we felt that it wouldnt be the best of arrangments and taht it would be best to remain friends, which for the msot aprt we have. I visited her at her colege around haloween. During the visit she wouldnt allow me to touch her at all. At one point we were walking to a cafe and she spotted a homosexual friend of hers and preceeded to hug the man with a reckles abondon. Later that evening she told me that she has no more feelings for me in that sense. I saw her again during thanksgiving break and during winter break I went out for pizza with her. Although this time her demeneor was different. She was physicaly playful and she held my hand leting go after realizing waht she was doing. later taht same eveing she and i both concurred that we just hapy taht we sti want to talk to each other. This brings us to the present. It is stil winter break adn we met in person a few days ago. she started by reiterating to me that she ahs no feeings for me in that sense (i wanna rip of your close and ahve monkey sex sense) and that ther is no cahnce for us to get back togetehr in the future. SHe is very adamant about this notion being an imporability

She also confided in my how she has a crush on someone at school. However even now she still has no qualms with opeing up to me about how she feels about everything and any thing taht is going on in her life and has shown a geniune interst in my life. my quandary is that is it really imporable that we get back together enventualy

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You never mentioned about you feelings about just being her friend and nothing more. Well, by your question, I assume that you still are pinning for her if that is the case then Cut all ties and leave her to her own life. If you just want to be friends then continue your present course.


If it is meant to be then it will be!!!!!


Do not try to push her into talking about you and her. Just listen to her and be her friend. But if you need more than that from her then leave her alone and start the no contact rule. If you need help with the no contact rule then goto this post:




There is information in there that will explain why you must do this if you want the girl back. It might be a long time, but she will be back. You must do this to get over you feelings for her and start anew with your life. You must move on and get stronger both physically and mentally.


Good luck with what ever you decide to do!!!

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hmmm I think I just want to be her friend. I do still want to go out with her but I care more about her than I do aobut being with her and I know taht right now shes dealing with all the stresses of going to a ivy league school as well as having parents that expect more than you think you can give. I gues this is jsut one of those times when you just have to grin and bear it. you are correct neallo82288 in that if its meant to be then it will be.

and I have to concur with BrandonBo in that if i were to start now with the games triyng to win her back than has the concept of my union with her become more imortant than my time spent with her, i think so.

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