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Update! I told him I'm an alcoholic


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see my other post "should I tell him NOW I'm an alcoholic" for background. Anyway, despite the fact that most people were telling me NOT to reveal this information before we had even met, I felt guilty withholding the information and didn't want to start anything off on a falsehood or omission of the truth so I sent him an email telling him everything (again I was told not to do that. lol). I told him I am a recovering alcoholic. I told him I wasn't honest about stopping for a couple years and that I had stopped for two years but had resumed for another year before I actually quit this time coupled w/a program. I told him I am sympathetic to his mother's condition (alcoholic not seeking help) and the pain he's been through and that I thought he should have this information before we met. I told him that this is a part of me and I need someone who can accept this about me. I also told him I would respect his decision either way.


So he emailed me back and said that he really respected my honesty and that he has been in Adult Children of Alcoholics for years getting counseling and he really respects that I've addressed my issue. He also said that he has many recovering alcoholic friends as well. He told me that this confirmed to him that I am a cool person and he is looking forward to meeting me So in this case I feel honesty was the best policy. Now obviously I don't know if we will click when we meet or what will happen but this is a load of my mind!


Thank you to all of you who gave me advice I guess I just had to go with my gut on this and the type of person I am is very sensitive to others feelings and just had to disclose. I also didn't want to waste his time or mine if this would have been an issue down the line.

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