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Update - I emailed my ex

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I had posted on Christmas day about whether or not I should call my ex and wish him a merry christmas. The last time we had talked, he had to go but I asked him to contact me when he got a chance so that we could talk more. I still had more to talk about, mostly telling him that I didn't think I could handle being friends since we both want different things right now. I want to be together again and he doesn't want that. He said he would contact me when he got a chance. This was in the beginning of December. I hadn't heard from him until a few days before Christmas when he sent me and my family a christmas card. I didn't know whether to contact him but I ended up emailing him just saying thank you for the card and that I hope he has a merry christmas. He imed me the next day saying he got my email and we talked for a little while about how our christmas was. At the end of the conversation, he said he would talk to me soon. Where do I go from here? Do I just wait for him to contact me again? And should I bring up the discussion i wanted to have about being friends or just leave it alone since he hasn't brought it up? Any advice would be great.

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alright, i think that you should actually call him. don't email him or im him, actually pick up the phone and call him. it will make you feel better. Although expect that he may or may not still have feelings for you. if he doesn't, then suggest you stay friends. keep in contact. although don't call him everyday, maybe he is just scared to contact you, so take some of the inicitave here and help him out by calling him. if he is busy ask when you can get in touch again. just do what you think is best. if you want to call him, do so, if you want to wait then wait. just let yourself tell you what to do.

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