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Meeting Girls My Age (Or Slightly Older)


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I thought this might be the place to ask a question such as this one, especially since I've come up with disappointingly little on my own. I'm male, 20 years old, a college student, perfectly intelligent, articulate, not bad-looking, etc... I simply have no idea where to meet sensitive, intelligent, attractive women. I've heard there are youth centers that feature dating sorts of activities, but I can't find any online that don't subscribe to the following criteria: strongly religiously affiliated, or for teenagers exclusively. The obvious choice of institutions is school, but just because it's loaded with females my age doesn't mean they're interested in dating. Just makes things more difficult, what with the games girls my age often enjoy playing (absolutely no misogyny intended).


I could probably take my chances at a bar when I turn 21 in the near future, but something tells me that's not the place to go for genuine relationships not revolving entirely around sex. Not that I have a problem with physical intimacy, it's just that I don't want somebody who's been around the block. I'd rather form a serious emotional bond with a woman prior to all that. I have a rather unfortunate quantity of nausea welling in my stomach at this point, having realized a bit more fully the audacity of my specifications after reading them through.


All the same, however, does anyone have any suggestions for me? Perhaps I wasn't specific enough - if this is the case, I could infuse a future post with greater specificity. Any and all responses appreciated.

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Many cities have these "meetup" groups. There are all kinds of these "meetups" for a wide variety of interests. Go to link removed and see if there are any groups of interest in your city. I am not sure the age range, however. They wouldn't be teenagers but I am not sure if they are much older crowds than you would be looking for. You can always call up and find out.

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Hey buddy,


I'm in the same boat as you, except the girls I have to pick from are even more immature and loose. My school is loaded with attractive girls, but unfortunately they're all attracted to the bad crowds - frats. A lot of these girls aren't very bright or attractive in personality, but even the pretty and intelligent ones join sororities and become influenced by this crap that only guys in frats are worthy. So because I'm excluded from parties or social events, my only option is to try to talk to girls while out and about in the day, but they seem to be totally closed to that.


I wish I knew what to tell you, but like I said, I'm dealing with the same problem. College is supposed to be a real easy time to meet people, but it certainly doesn't seem that way. I have a feeling guys like you and I will be more prepared once we're out of school and in the real world, but waiting isn't a good answer by any means.


Right now I'm just working on myself. Getting as fit and tone as possible, working on recording some of my music, working in a restaurant, etc. I'm hoping those things will lead to social opportunities, because recently, any attempts I made to improve things socially for me, I've been shot down hard or bluntly ignored.

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