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Is 2 months long enough for someone to know if they would like to resume a relationship. She broke it off with me, but I am still in love with her. She is absolutely, positively the greatest love I've ever had. She says she needs this time for personal growth and maturity. The unknown is what is eating me alive. Is she seeing someone else? Does she want to get back with me? I went to see her for Christmas and exchanged gifts, and she said she felt really awkward. Awkward meaning what? Should I approach her via email with these questions? Weirdly, if I found out, she was seeing else, I would probably get over this situation much more easier., knowing the chances would be gone of us getting back together. I've made a statement that I'm going no where, I made her an audio Christmas card, plus gave her a nice peiece of jewelry. She was really short with me the other day. Why, Why, Why? Why?

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You're not going to understand her because men and women do not think the same. ???????


My answer is no, after two months, I would say that there is absolutely no ay you know if she is the one for you.


I was hung up over my ex two years after we broke up, and we dated three months.


It is weird, but you are young. Trust me, at your age, you don't want to meet your "One" for another ten years.


50% of all Marriages end in divorce.


The other half ends in death.


Kind of depressing.

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