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So I'm in a mess...


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The History:


About 4 years ago I worked with this amazing guy. I had the hugest crush on him for over 6 months and pretty much got fired (from a silly high school job) because I was constantly flirting/ occupied by him.

So Then after I left my job I met another guy... We started dating Just as my crush confessed his love for me. I was really torn.. I couldn't decide whether to ditch the new dude.. for him or just move on. Well My Boyfriend made the choice for me.. forbidding me from talking to my lost crush. I broke his heart.. I turned him down and turned my back on our friendship. I felt & still Feel SO HORRIBLE.

Well Guess what?! me and dweebs broke up (over a year ago) and thanks to a lovely website called facebook I found my LONG lost crush.. Who I still have feelings for. We went out for coffee & Had an amazing time. He was sweet as ever it hit me in the face what a horrible mistake I made so long ago. ](*,)

We have arranged a second meeting of a dinner and or a movie on the weekend.


My question is Do I apologize and confess my feelings? Or do I just chill because he might be so afraid of me hurting him again?

Any Advice is greatly appreciated!

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So we went out for dinner.


He picked me up.

We stayed for almost 3 hours, 2 were after dinner just talking.

He paid ( i haven't had a dinner paid for me in AGES!)

And within 24 hours said he "had a great time, thanks again & talk to you later"


What would you take from this info? Is this friendly? orrr more of a date?



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i think that if you two really want to be close then nothing should be left unsaid... when the time is right and when you think you have a strong enough bond then i think that you should maybe talk alittle about it and tell him the bind that you were in. Then maybe he wont have to worry so much about you hurting him because the situation was out of your control and that your intentions were to never hurt him... thats why your with him now

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