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Every Sunday I am MISERABLE.


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Every single Sunday I am absolutely miserable almost from the moment I wake up. It is SUCH a huge waste of my time and energy. I feel like I lose an entire day off by being so miserable.


I have no clue why I feel this way. I love my job, it's great. It's -kind of- on my mind throughout the day that on Monday it will start the week of me not having much time.


I think about it all day, what can I do to relax and kick my feet up?


I don't know what it is. I want it to stop. I want to relax. I want to enjoy myself. I don't like to do anything on Sunday and don't do anything I would do on a Saturday like go out somewhere and let it all go.

It's like I feel I'm on a time limit until the weekend is over, and I don't know WHY I can't just exist and relax and have fun and not think about work?


And I LIKE my job! It simply does NOT make any sense!


It's 7:30, I like to try and be asleep around 10:00 for work... I don't know why I can't think nothing of it and just forget about it and do wha I've got to do and leave it at that. I've got decades of work ahead of me and I want this miserable feeling to stop.

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Every single Sunday ...


I don't think you're being truthful with yourself. I used to be in the E X A C T same situation. It was entirely due to the stupid place I worked at.


Why else did you feel compelled to defend or explain your "deduction" by stating "I love my job..."?


Maybe I'm wrong, but if you like your job, then you need to route your thinking back to associate your emotional response to whatever triggers it. It's obvious now that Sundays are blue to you and you feel that it has nothing to do with your employment situation. If this is true, then what else could it possibly be?


Make a list of possibilities in your mind...

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I get this way sometimes. Actually ALOT. But ever since last week me and my bf kind of made this routine. We go visit this secluded chapel, and then after that we go for ice cream. He goes home and then later at night we go to the movies or something. It just had made me look forward so much more to sundays because I actually have somewhere TO GO instead of be at home and get depressed.


Do you have any friends who would want to go do stuff?

If you live near a beach sundays are best to just go and hang out, maybe sip margaritas if they have any stands near by. Or just get ice cream..

Just some ideas.


If I have no where to go though I try and tidy out my closets or clean the house a bit.

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That's the thing, I see my boyfriend, we go out to dinner, go to the beach, do the whole thing, or I'll see some friends. Or some event will come up on a Sunday and no matter what (even at past jobs, which I hated!) I am just miserable all day and I can't get myself to enjoy it. I can't figure it out, I've seriously run this through my head a thousand times.


It seems more about losing time, but once it's Monday morning and I'm at work, I'm fine. I'm there, the week has started and it's like I can't imagine why I was so miserable the day before. It's been going on for a looong time actually... except now it's like wow, what a waste of time, I'm still miserable on Sundays? I can't get over it. It's kind of embarrassing even admitting to it because it makes absolutely no sense to me.

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That's the thing, I see my boyfriend, we go out to dinner, go to the beach, ...


It sounds like a conditioned routine. Maybe you build yourself up to enjoy the weekend and when it finally comes around, you wish it would last forever?


I used to cry myself to sleep sometimes when Sunday came around, so there is little I can truly offer you in advice or approach. I just know that life sucks sometimes and at other times, it's wonderful - so much so, that you wish it would never end!


Anyhoo, keep pushing along a keep soul-searching. You'll figure it out sooner or later.

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maybe you should start planning some fun activities on sundays to make you look forward to the day more. what do you like to do most? do it on sunday.


I think this is a very good idea. You ahve to do something to associate with Sundays as a more pleasant day and no better way then playing fun activities for that day. Don't allow yourself to sit at home where the feelings of depression about monday are likely greater.


I get a bit melancholy on sunday nights knowing the weekend is over but it doesn't last long. I don't allow myself to sit and think about it, i force my mind to other things to think about.

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Yeah it's not so much Sunday itself and what I'm doing, I have plenty of things to do it's just that I can't have fun and almost feel like doing nothing because the next day the work week starts-- it's ALL about Monday and Sunday just happens to be the day before it. And it makes no sense because I am beyond far from alone in working Monday thru Friday so I don't know why it bothers me. I take it too literally that I am confined I guess. I'm more curious if anyone else feels the same way though.


Because now it's Monday and the moment I got to work I was fine and don't feel this way about tomorrow at all, etc. Like during the week I will sometimes stay out late and everything but on Sunday I'm just... miserable. It's embarrassing to admit because it sounds so childish. I don't get it.

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ok, like what exactly? do you mean you have too many errands to do on sunday that your entire sunday is boring (ie, grocery shopping, paying bills, cleaning?)


one thing you can try doing is getting up 30 minutes earlier, or sleeping 30 minutes later, or taking part of your lunch break to do some of these errands, so that your sunday can be more relaxing?


or find some other way to save time - like putting all your bills on autopay, or hiring a maid service to clean your place.

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I don't think I can explain it further than I just did, it's hard to explain, I know it sounds silly. I have the wrong mentality on it, it's the end of the weekend but it shouldn't be as much of a deal that I feel it is. I don't know, people can either relate unfortunately, or not I suppose.


I will try and wake up earlier and make my day seem longer and less rushed. It's so tempting to sleep in though, I am an early riser even when I don't have to be, except for the weekends. I will try something else, I have to shake this mentality badly though.

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